Sunday, January 06, 2008

Four truths and a lie

Alright, because you guys have asked, I'll do this again and make it a little harder:

a) When I was six I wanted to be a psychiatrist
b) Sometimes I say mirror when I mean window and vice versa
c) I collect puppets
d) I hate horror movies
e) I love the smell of laundry


Anonymous said...

I'll say that "C" is the lie.

Chris B.

Ted from Accounting said...

I spoke with Rhett a few minutes ago and he assured me the answer was (e). I’m in agreement because of this simple yet profound analysis: You were home schooled and your parents played a twisted trick on you at an early age by misnaming a mirror and window. Your sister would manipulate your puppet collection within your room as a child and this caused you to believe they were possessed and enhanced your dislike for horror movies. In an effort to stop the puppet voices you heard, you desired a career in psychotherapy. Now I understand why you looked off screen so much on the last Red Eye. Although many of your bloggers including myself enjoy the smell fabric softeners, you somehow detest it!

So like are you going to give the answer to these enigmas at the next go around? I’m still not confident of your role in the Great War

Moople said...

I'll second that!
Chris M.

spaceagent said...

Ahhh.... good one! I think you love the smell of Civil War laundry. But doesn't everyone?

Seriously, I think it's between puppets and horror movies. However... I think you love all kinds of movies, including horror, so my guess has to be D.

Blair Witch, Alien, Exorcist, Halloween, Freddy vs. Jason, A Charlie Brown Christmas... you can't get enough of 'em, right?

My second choice would be that you don't collect puppets. Can't wait to find out the answer!

Brent said...

I think I have to go with the puppet. Because I could never date anyone that hates horror movies (and yes I still have my fingers crossed for you).

Anonymous said...

I think I'm gonna have to go with the majority on this one. I think it's the puppet thingie. Although secretly I wish it were true for some strange reason. I can picture you doing little hand puppet shows while locked away in your basement. The curious thing would be to know what you would name them. I'm in suspense to know what the answer is. This should be interesting.


Ted from Accounting said...

Ok, I'm going to stop messing around and be serious on these now...this is actually hard but my final answer is (b) and I'm not entirely sure why I chose it! I just think your trying to trick us on this one!