Monday, January 07, 2008

The correct answer...

to last night's four truths and a lie is C. I don't collect puppets. Congrats to all those who got it right and to those of you know came thisclose but then missed it, better luck next time!


Ted from Accounting said...

Well spank me silly and call me Marv!

spaceagent said...

Ah, I should have known! Why in the world would you collect puppets???

Oh well, it's not whether you win or lose - it how much you can drink before you pass out. Skol!

Anonymous said...

That one was rather tricky. Way to keep us on our toes. From a previous thing you said awhile ago, you do know how to harness your power. You gots mad skillz Yo!

On something way different, I had insomia last night and caught the re-run of Sat's Red-Eye. That's like twice this week Greg made Louisiana relative to the discussion. However, he's got it wrong about the guys marrying their cousin and/or sister. That would be Arkansas. Close but no cigar. And yes Andy Levy, I accept your apology on behalf of my fellow swamp rats. (I'm smiling while writing this. So it's all good!!) Just trying to capture my mood is all. Anyway, looking forward to Tues.'s Red eye.


Anonymous said...

I got it right! By the way Alison. This has also inspired me to make one of my own. Not as good as the ones you did. But hey, you've inspired me to do something different.

Chris B.