Monday, January 07, 2008

Dear New Hampshire,

I enjoyed you, kind of, when I spent three days on your Loon mountain at a Christian rock concert which I was writing about for a magazine (Seventeen, if you must know). Also, I enjoyed you when I went back about a month later for a wedding. In particular, I was tickled by your love of moose knick knacks. I don't share your passion for moose, but if I did, I would definitely visit you to get my fill of Moosenalia, which I think is the name of one of your stores. Probably because Moose Crap was already taken. BUT I DON'T APPRECIATE THE WAY YOU'RE CAUSING TUESDAY'S RED EYE EPISODE, UPON WHICH I WAS SUPPOSED TO BE APPEARING, TO BE CANCELED.



Anonymous said...

No freaking/friggin' way? You have got to be kidding me. Do they not realize the fall-out on this? This is outrageous, and a whole sleuth of other words that end with eous. I takes alot to get me angry, but I'm actually very much so angry. Here I was about to come leave a nice little post about The L.S.U. championship game tonight, and low and behold we get this. I'll do my part and boycott every station that carries this non-sense. Have people forgotten the newspapers? Show our regularly scheduled programs and just tell us about it tomorrow and/or via internet. I'm going to plagarize (however you spell it.) Greg here and say, YOU NEWS BROADCASTERS ARE WORSE THAN HITLER. Okay I gotta stop ranting, I'm peeved. And thanks Alison for breaking us the disturbing news in advance. This is bad kharma!!

La. ( Hopefully after tonight we'll be national champs in college football.) Geaux Tigers!!

Moople said...

Pat Buchanan won in 1996 signifying the irrelevance of this charade.
This is an outrage!
Chris M.

Gary said...

All because three maple syrup farmers have to go vote for Ron Paul!!! I'm boycotting Eggos.

Well, I have a 7:00 AM meeting that I would have fallen asleep at halfway through. Now at least I get to go to bed early.

Actually "Moose Crap" is the name of Manchester's only two star restaurant.

Anonymous said...

WHAT!? Please tell me that you will be on another Red Eye episode soon. Because New Hampshire is way out of line! Who do they think they are!?

Chris B.

Ted from Accounting said...

I soooo had a crappy shift at work! Argh! Alison, you are so witty & creative with your writing. I wonder if it's a difficult to be "on" all the time when you write! I'm sorry about the cancellation but I'm sure they will show that episode when they need a ratings boost! :)

spaceagent said...

Yeah, I figured Red Eye would be bumped AGAIN because of the NH primary. It'll happen again on Super Tuesday in Feb and maybe even next Tues for the Michigan primary.

And wait until the DEM and GOP conventions this summer - the Red Eye crew might as well schedule vacation those weeks.

Love this quote by George Burns on Google today: "It takes only one drink to get me drunk. The trouble is, I can't remember if it's the thirteenth or the fourteenth. "

The Alison/Wendy blog looks interesting! I'm surprised you didn't chat about Gossip Gilrl. This week Serena is spotted buying a pregnancy test. Scandalous!