Friday, January 25, 2008

I think

it's funny when people stand gloves up on things so it looks like they're waving. For example there is a glove standing up on the ledge above the mailboxes downstairs in my building and it made the experience of checking my mail, and discovering that 290 buckaroos of a health claim weren't covered because reason number code here etc a little friendlier.

Also I took my sad little bundle of laundry to the place across the street this morning hoping to get it there in time to get it back today but I'd missed the cut off. I asked the woman what time they could have it tomorrow. She answered and I frowned. She paused and then told me to try the place next door because they can have it done in time. It was all very Miracle on 34th Street but with more socks.

Finally I'm gearing up to write a big FAQ about the current events of my life. I probably won't actually do this. But wouldn't it be awesome if I did?

Oh and Wendy and I posted!


Anonymous said...

Quote of the day:

"It's not my fault, my producer tricked me into it....."

----Jon "Jibberish" Gibson on the radio incident regarding "KEITH BLEDGER"

(Can't say the real name by the way or else I will see dead cowboys at night even if it is happening to me already...)

Ted from Accounting said...

Anonymous is always so insightful!

I have a couple Qs for your FAQs but I'm saving them!

I now pronounce you Wendy and Alison!

joe said...

Remember the opening credits of "Laverne and Shirley" when Laverne puts the glove on top of the bottle on the Shotz Beer assembly line? If not, here it is:

You can find anything on YouTube these days. Except Alison in a bikini, that is. I've checked. Several times.

That's the first Miracle I've ever heard of dealing with laundry. It almost rivals Fatima!

Alison, an FAQ would be awesome. Be sure to cover ALL aspects of your personal life (not just work related). Can we submit questions?

So the reason you got moved to Wed's Red Eye is because of the State of the Union speech on Monday evening. Amazingly, Griff mentioned it on the show last night. The NY Demoratic co-chair on the show was such an ass. I hope he's never invited back. Dr. Baden was awesome as usual.

So on Red Eye next week, Alison, is there any chance of your wearing a shorty robe? Greg is always talking about them, so it would be cool if you actually wore one! Just a thought.

Hmmmm... a very nice thought actually...

joe said...

By the way, Alison, you have an open invitation to do your laundry at my place any time.

I must disclose, however, that when I was in school the term "doing laundry" meant having sex. So for example you might say something like "Mike and Angela are doing laundry together" or "I'd love to do Susan's laundry."

So please feel free to stop by, but be aware of the possible rumors that might result, i.e. "I saw Alison doing laundry at Joe's place!"

Ted from Accounting said...

Wow, I'll never look at my pile of laundry the same again. It brings a whole new meaning to the term "dirty drawers" for me.

I've only watched two of the Griff episodes...the first wasn't very good but the second where they had that kid who lived in the retirement home was good. He was probably a good choice to fill in for Greg!

I just canceled my subscription to Time Out New York!

Gretsch Silver Jets Kick Ass!