Saturday, January 26, 2008

The gym

I'm going to go the gym. I'm wearing my gym clothes and everything. I even have a rubber band around my right wrist to keep my hand from falling off. Have you ever tried to exercise without a hand? Actually for certain things like jogging or riding a bike (if you have a good balance) it's not so bad, but for weight lifting or, say, competitive hand shaking, it's a detriment. But actually it's there so I can put my hair in a pony tail at said gym, which I haven't been to in so long that last time I went (not to exercise, but to check on my locker) I found a layer of dust on my lock. I would have opened it but I couldn't remember the combination. I also can't remember what's inside there. Probably some hair junk, more rubber bands, a half eaten sandwich and some arts and crafts supplies. My friend and I long to spend a day in the locker room creating dioramas inside our lockers, just to see what people would say to us if we were really in there for a whole day cutting little things out of construction paper. Also, I removed the irritating rubber band and if you'll notice I'm sitting here writing BS so as not to be at the gym. Okay, here I go.


Ted from Accounting said...

I feel so cool...I finally knew one of your 50 cent words..."dioramas"

Those are like leotards right? How cool is it to make your own gym clothes.

This just in...a video of Alison's gym experience:

Have a great weekend Miss Rosen!

Anonymous said...

So anyway, I was channel surfing a little bit ago, and I come across the weather channel, which I didn't really know it was at the time cause I have a weather thingie for my desktop. Getting back on track here. I saw the commercial with the two bears and the triaminic thinige, and I could hear what they were saying. So all I'm saying was, it was cute. Now I have a full appreciation of it. I'm going back to go vege and watch some boob tube. Happy Weekend er'body. Speaking of the gym, I think I recall me making that a New year's resolution. Lucky I didn't give myself a timetable. teehee.

P.s. for future reference, I'm taking a page out of Prince's book. I'm changing my name to a symbol. Not protesting anything. I just think I'm cool for thinking about it. You may now call me "Æ." And no, don't call me American Eagle for short.

Anonymous said...

Speaking of boobies. I didn't even realize that I made my own segway. But anyway, tonight they are having the Mardi Gras parade up town. No, it's nothing like New Orleans, but pretty snazzy nonetheless. I'm sure to score a few beads when I show my man-breasts. (They're only an A cup.) Oh no, I've said too much. Anyway, if nothing else I hope to score some Sweet Tarts©, and other tasty treats, if I don't get boo coos (Is that just a Louisiana phrase?) of beads. I'm audi.


P.S. Okay, you got me. I just wanted to try out my new name. I still told a good story though.

( o Y o ) <---Give me some beads!

Ted from Accounting said...

Ted throws Michael some beads!


joe said...

Can this possibly be another video of Alison at the gym today?

But I did happen to find the perfect exercise outfit for you Alison:

I like your new name,Æ. From now on I'll be going by my rapper name "49 cent".

Ted from Accounting said...


Now that video was funny! How impressive if Alison is that limber!

Ok, let me get this correct...

Space Agent = Joe = 49 Cent

Michael = AE