Wednesday, April 08, 2009

The second installment of my McSweeney's column!

I thought it wasn't going to run for a couple weeks but look, here it is! Yay for me!

In other news I performed stand up twice this week in preparation for an upcoming audition. Am I innocent and naive and bumbling and lovable? Or am I knowing and sarcastic? This seems to be what I'm trying to determine. I have jokes which skew both ways and I'm worried the knowing ones are undermining the innocent bumbling ones. Hm. But aside from that it's been pretty fun. And honestly, quite easy. Unless that makes me sound not grizzled and tortured enough in which case it's been super painful and arduous. Grizzled? Huh?


4 the Love of Prototype said...

Cool. How did the audience react to you?

Toddrod said...

Is this the first stand up you've performed since your "funniest reporter" contest? Just curious.


Anonymous said...

"Do jokes on Youtube hater commentary, the pressure of having to accept a friend with an obscene avatar (because if you don't you'll feel bad), sexting, unoriginal superhero movies, and Dane Cook (perhaps with an impersonation)."

Joe said...

Great McSweeney's column, Alison! I posted a link on the Activity Pit.

My suggestion for #11: Shoot anyone who moves your cheese.

Wow, you did two stand-ups this week - that's fantastic! And it sounds like you were pretty relaxed doing them.

Good luck with the audition. We're all rooting for you!!!

Brett Jones said...

You can be both. Maybe play the innocent off with a comedic wink and a nod when you drop the knowing jokes.

As much as I'd like to pretend otherwise, I don't really know you, but that back and forth seems to be how you really are. The Red Eye clip of the vacuum cleaner sex toy against the innuendo filled intros you wrote for example. Your the kind of girl who blushes at her own dirty filthy jokes. Personally I find that appealing.

Living in the City would likely turn me homicidal, but I do miss being able to head out to clubs (comedy or otherwise) at a moments notice.

Word Verification: defulary

"And as you can see in this x-ray Mr Jones. Your Defulary is twice it's normal size. I'm afraid if you keep touching yourself, you're going to go blind."

Toddrod said...

Alison, I wanted to add that I really enjoyed the second part of your column on McSweeney's. Everyone loves a list, but even more so when it's hilarious. Which brings me to this idea I had while waking up from a weird dream just now. I think you should name one of your upcoming blogs, "outrageous threats." Then as your followers, we leave an outrageous threat directed at you. For example, I might write something like, "Alison! If you don't include my question in your next vlog, I will stop using dryer sheets for the next 6 months so that all my clothes pop with the static!" Not sure where this idea has come from. Anyway, something to consider! Thanks.


Scott said...

I vote for this one: "innocent and naive and bumbling and lovable"

Personally I think you're funniest when you appear to be boasting and then become self-deprecating. ;)

The only advice I'd give ya is to stay away from the political stuff because you automatically alienate a good portion of the audience.

Good luck and break a Femur or whatever you show biz people say.

Falkenhayn said...

The easy answer is bumbling and sarcastic..... crap I fell, your leg is nowehre near.... as big as your mom's ass.

Anyway thanks for not approving my one message. It was right. It was inappropriate fore site.

hibernian hillbille said...

I think your quality of honesty is your essence and it cut's both ways.I think Brett Jones was on to something when he said,"You're the kind of girl who blushes at her own dirty fithy jokes."I would say you're believable and it ALL seem's sincere.That's the sighn of greatness.You make it look easy and natural,and I think it is for you.
Now i have that song "Your unbelievable" stuck in my head.