Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Brooklyn, fruit, fish and fetishes. And Leonard Nimoy.


Adam Wallace said...

I wish leonard Nimoy would take naked pictures of me.

Toddrod said...

P Sports? Like pool and pictionary?


4 the Love of Prototype said...

The Red Hind (Epinephelus guttatus)is quite an ugly fish. But if you're thinking about a "rock fish" then there's the Longlure Frogfish (Antennarius multiocellatus). I had to memorize a grip of fish species and groups last quarter for a class, so yeah.

Ted from Accounting said...

No Todd! I'm probably naive here but I think Pee Sports was his sexual fetish!

Toddrod said...

Ted! That's sick! Sick I say! Pee doesn't seem very sexual! EW! I don't understand!


Ted from Accounting said...

I know Todd! We can't judge though...if Pee Sports are his thing then....oh well! I mean, I like roll playing with McDonald's uniforms but...hey!

I'm looking forward to Joe chiming in on the Pee Sports fetish!

Ted from Accounting said...

Alison in light of the recent comment developments, could you rename this post "Brooklyn, fruit, Epinephelus Guttatus, Michael's Pee Sports and Spock"

Joe said...

Hey, I ain't commenting on the Pee thing!! I create enough controversy on this blog as it is.

But I will say: Less pee talk and more Leonard Nimoy on The Rosen Show!!

By the way, Ali Ro, I'm available for talk show appearances. Please contact my agent:

Frankie "Three Finger" Moretti
Dewey, Cheatem & Howe
4553 Commonwealth Avenue
Boston, MA. 02130

hibernian hillbille said...

I think the way this vlog ended was brilliant.You set up the punch line once he said it(even if it wasn't planned) stopped.Perfect.funny ../life's passion's.the Rosen show is off to a great start!I pissed myself laughing.