Sunday, April 26, 2009

Pics from Friday's Red Eye and other stuff

Here's where I said that I think ducklings are cute.

And then here's where I said that I used to hate bell peppers but now I like them, can you believe it?

And then here's where I said that I'm drinking coffee out of a new mug which is sort of low and wide and has polka dots on it and after I bought it I found out that it's not a coffee mug at all, it's an "ice cream mug." I'm using it for coffee anyway because I don't play by the rules.

And then here's where I said that while scientists inventing a glow in the dark puppy is somewhat cool, it's yet another example of science being out of step with public demand because have they made any progress on a time machine?

But see, I actually think I have a pretty good understanding of the significance of this transgenic dog—and it has very little to do with the fact that it glows in the dark, and everything to do with the fact that they took something from a sea anemone and put it into a dog and got it to act the same way in a dog that it does in a sea anemone (i.e. glow) and this has huge ramifications for one day doing stuff like taking the genetic material that produces my lustrous hair and putting it in a dog and then creating a dog with amazing Alison hair and then studying it. And maybe I should have talked about that instead of time travel? I just don't want people playing God with my hair though.

Oh, and when did all this G.D. business start? In my day we just said God Damn. Or Golly Gee. Or Gee Willikers. Or For Fuck's Sake.

Also, I think I'm becoming a regular at a restaurant in my neighborhood and the last time I went I mentioned to Dustin that I was considering ordering the same thing I always order (braised loafer with pennies) and maybe I should branch out and he said that I could become a "regular" ordering my "regular" and I've never been one of those! Maybe it's time? Then of course I entertained ideas of being an eccentric old lady who always comes into this restaurant and sits at a certain table and orders a certain thing and does something eccentric. What would it be though? I'd have to be small and unassuming probably, yet have contributed something notable to culture such as a series of detective novels featuring a female detective and her companion who happens to be a gecko with paranormal insight. What's that called when a witch has an animal that has powers? Her second? Her minor? Her... um... hold while I consult with my friend, the internet. Her familiar! Yes, that's what I mean.

Do I have other things to share with you at this time? Hm. On twitter I've been posting links to dogs I'm falling in love with. Here are two, however don't let that stop you from following me on twitter because I base my self-worth on my follower numbers.


Toddrod said...

Alison? Eccentricity? Unfathomable! Unless, you are trying to act a little strange for the purposes of gaining the attention you deserve. So, by all means, you just do what you need to do. Also, remember when you only had a few (about 20) people following your blog? Look at you now! What is the recipe of your success for being a Pied Piper?


Trapp said...

Thank you for posting photos of yourself. I couldn't take looking at those Marcel Marceau proteges anymore.

So which Alison hair will the genetically enhanced dogs get? Curly or straight?

And since you mentioned it, we must know where you would choose to go in the time machine?

Brett Jones said...

I recommend you rush right out and get a patent on the DNA sequence that is your lustrous hair.

You, or perhaps your parents who's hard work at mixing genetic material (sorry I had to go there, but this is science and science is not for the squeamish or those grossed out by parental mating) are the true owners of that DNA sequence and are entitled to control it's use in any Alison/Dog hair hybridization.

This is the section where I was considering jokes about the sharing of DNA and or the cloning of AMR (for purely scientific reasons. no really people!) but thought better of it.

P.S. I'm dying to have my "FOL house on fire" RosenQA question answered.

P.P.S. I'm finished painting the dining room and looks beautiful. The living room is next.

Chi_Mike said...

I say, you get a duck that looks a little bit like a dog. Genetically alter it to have glow in the dark Alison hair. Dress up like an old lady and bring the duck/dog to your regular restaurant. Order bell peppers on your braised loafer with pennies and ask for your coffee in a banana split bowl. Every once in a while, at the top of your lungs, yell out "I think I'm in love with this dog for fucks sake!" Then, pretend to communicate with your duck/dog familiar using ESP.

When you look that good in screen captures, saying the camera loves you doesn't do you justice.


Joe said...

I'll have to find out which restaurant is your new hangout so we can add it as a stop on the Reality Tour. Speaking of the Tour, June and half of July are already booked up. There's so much demand, we're going to have to add more buses!

And I hope you realize, Alison, that as soon as you get a dog, everyone else is going to want one of the same breed. The Obama Portuguese water dog? That's yesterday's news.

Before inventing a time machine, though, scientists should work on a Star Trek style transporter. Just imagine how that would change the world. You walk into a machine in NYC and almost instantly come out in Tokyo. Your 2 hour commute to work just got cut down to 4 seconds. We won't need airplanes or ocean liners. Climate change problem? Solved!

Hibernian hillbille said...

I bought one of those "coffee" mugs too.I didn't know untill a friend told me it was a soup mug.I always felt like an idiot..but I used it for coffee anyway and soup.Now, I can feel cool and say,"ha, Alison Rosen has a coffee cup like this!"And when they say that's used for soup I can say,"Soup! it's made for ice cream." My mug has smilely faces instead of polka dots..which begs the question.If I get the swine flu will my mug have polka dots?I'm not too worried about it.
More importantly,I thought you were great on red eye..despite the tough host.I mean crowd.

Anonymous said...

"I once had the same experience like yours regarding the mug except it had a clever pun written on it. One time I bought a mug and thought it was for coffee until I noticed it read on the front "MUG SHOT" and thought to myself the actual purpose was for binging and boozing with your college pals. "

Toddrod said...

I just saw the movie "Marley & Me." Man, I can't believe how sad I was at the end. People warned me, but did I listen? NoOOoOOo. I had to be a hero and watch it. I'm so ashamed.


Ted from Accounting said...

Okay, so WTF Joe....where is my condensed RE clip? Arghhhhhh

Alison, you looked SOOOOOOO beautiful in those pics!

Dogs, ducklings, monkey death....this blog is my one stop shop for animal cuteness!

Brett Jones said...

I'm in the mood for a little blogging with Alison. Maybe I'll get lucky and get some Vlogging too.

Apologies for the really bad innuendo. Really. I'm very very sorry.

WFG said...

Heard the amount of energy needed to run a time machine is more than we're capable of.

I wonder how many Jews, ethnic, orthodox, whatever, actually limit themselves to saying G-d damn instead of God Damn. I imagine very few.

Of course, the main reason I site my own Jewish heritage is so someone will assume I can be funny, Jewish comics and comedy writers, etc.