Thursday, April 09, 2009

I'm on Red Eye tonight; dogs

Remember how I was going to be on tomorrow night? Well I'm on tonight! Yay!

Also: I'm closer and closer to actually getting a puppy if by closer and closer you mean still kind of far away but seriously thinking about it. What kind should I get? Let's all weigh in because not only will it be helpful and fun, but who doesn't like talking about dogs? Assholes, that's who!

Anyway, I'm looking for a small dog (under 10 lbs) that isn't a jerk and has a working knowledge of social media. Some experience with video editing a plus but not a requirement. Preferably this dog will have four legs and a face. I'm not averse to poodles. I'm just not, though I'm averse to giving them silly haircuts. I like puppies. I'm not looking exclusively for a purebred and I'd like to get a dog from a shelter so I can feel good about myself however I'm beginning to suspect that the cute little puppies get adopted in two seconds flat, meaning the dogs that I would want are going to have no problem getting adopted, and it's the hulking pitbulls with ads like "adopt this sweet little girl!" that sit in the shelter for awhile and the whole thing just makes me sad and makes me think of that commercial where Sarah Mclachlan sings and they show dogs making puppy dog eyes and I always change the channel quickly because it makes me sad and reminds me of the time I stupidly watched a video of dogs being euthanized because I was writing an article on pets and anyway, I'm still haunted by it and try not to think about it. All that being said, I don't want to adopt sweet little 85 lb Sadie whose owner surrendered her ("we don't know why, she couldn't be sweeter! she's a rambunctious bundle of energy looking for a forever home with lots of discipline, love and no children or other pets.")

What was I saying? Oh yeah, I don't know. Dogs, puppies, Red Eye.

Oh and I think my pithy bon mots are in the current issue of Life & Style in the Slip-ups section. I haven't seen it yet though.


Outlander said...

A toy poodle is not a bad choice. They're bright and if you get a well-tempered one, they don't yip like a lot of other small dogs. My parents have one and it's very quiet and well-behaved.

You also do not have to give the poodle a stupid haircut. The problem, though, is that you DO have to get it a haircut every month and you have to brush it every couple days. That adds up. However, with most other breeds of dog, you have to address shedding issues.

Good luck. And don't let Red Eye use the stupid newspaper prop as an excuse to get a boob shot. :)

Joe said...

We used to have a poodle when I was growing up. He always had normal haircuts. They're very smart dogs and a lot of fun. West highland terriers are great dogs too.

You and Anna on the show tonight!!

*****Joe spends 10 minutes running around his home yelling YES YES YES YES!!!*****

Someone on the Activity Pit said the new Red Eye set looks a Best Buy store. I've noticed that in almost every show now there's a Fed Ex truck parked outside one of the windows. Their pick up time at Newscorp must be between 8:30 and 9:00.

Ted from Accounting said...

Hairless Chinese Crested!

Upon reading Joe's - Anna & Alison Alert messages:

*****Ted ran around his front yard only partially clothed yelling Yes Yes Yes Yes for 20 minutes!****** I'm sending this message from the mental health intake unit's computer!*******

Scott said...

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

Great dogs!!!


Have a great show A Ro! ;)

Daz not Dad said...

always been a fan, but not the owner, of naked mole rats. I don't know why I doubt they would do anything cool, BUT it is small and who knows maybe you could train it to dictate?

Brett Jones said...

I'll have to vote for a dog of ample size. 'Casue lets face it, size really does matter. Get a small female Lab. It's 50-65 lbs of absolute love and devotion (of course that devotion is given to whomever has the food, but it's still devotion).

Alexander James said...

I can't suppose what dog is right for you, but I'm very happy to hear you'd get one from a shelter.

If it makes a difference I've heard mutts are smarter. Maybe it's a natural evolution thing? In that case it may actually have the editing skills you're hoping for.

Best of luck to you on Red Eye tonight. I'll be sure to tune in and make the people at the gym change the channel for me.
That's all. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

Cocker Spaniel (although it would fighting outside its weight class)

"The Cocker is an adorable sturdy, compact, well-balanced dog. It has a characteristic expression showing intelligence and alertness. Its eyes should be dark and its lobular ears should reach the tip of the nose when pulled forward."

Alison, can you honestly say that you can pull your ears forward to the tip of your nose? Well, then ... you need one of these ...

Robert said...

I thought you were calling us dogs. "Hey dogs, I'm on Red Eye".

I guess you have seen sites like these:

Don't get a pomeranian.

Toddrod said...

Alison Alison Alison. I want you to get a puppy. I'd love for you to get a puppy. However, I think you really need to talk to a person who knows dogs before deciding on getting a puppy. You are at the verge of a career that may or may not take you away from home from time to time. You may need to think about a dog that is capable of a few days without any companionship. I think the better idea would be to get TWO puppies! I prefer mixed dogs like a silky terrier/yorkshire terrier, or cocker spaniel/poodle (cockapoo)mix. However, please, whatever you do!! Don't get a puppy without the companionship of a second puppy... or knowing you will be around to keep the puppy company.


It Takes Balls said...

I've owned two weiner dogs (dachshunds) and they are a blast. A healthy mini will be a little over 10 pounds. Don't let the German name fool you, they are not a threat to your people :P Weiner Dog = Comedy Gold

The cute is strong with them

Bob Waters said...

When I first read the blog title I thought you were chaneling Randy Jackson and hoped you were bringing a new urban dimension to your blog. But before I could say, "Right on sister!" I reread the title again and now am feeling very suburban and wanting to listen to my Phil Collins collection.

Jaqob Jackson said...

Did Gutfeld & Levy promote you a little at the end of the show this time?

Anonymous said...

I second the Cavalier King Charles...Even though I prefer Goldens!!

Greg said...

Miniature Dachshund or Miniature Pincher...small but not yappy. Large rib cages give them a powerful bark for their size.