Monday, March 02, 2009

This is making me want to punch my computer

You may have to click on it to be able to read it. See, this wouldn't be annoying if I'd actually been able to download anything today but instead I tried and when the thing said it was 27% downloaded for about three hours (the whole download was only supposed to take two hours) I finally made the Sophie's Choice decision that it was actually frozen and not just taking its sweet time so I canceled the download. Sort of like when you've been sitting on hold for a long time and then finally give up but worry that now you'll have to start over. Or when you're waiting to use a public restroom and it's taking forever and you suddenly worry that maybe there's no one in the bathroom and you decide you'll just wait a little longer instead of being that psycho pounding on the door so you wait a little longer and then you realize that if there's no one in there as you fear, you'll never find out because eventually NOTHING will happen and that will be the indicator. That stretching yawning nothingness. Have I lost you all?


Anonymous said...

Count how many times you used the word "and", divided by the amount of periods and you'll get the proper number of sentences you should have used.

alison said...

thanks for the super helpful comment!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Oh crap, I hope that came across as a geek joke... :/ said...

this whole thing made me LOL, comments included.

dustingoot said...

Since I'm also annoyed by Alison's lack of download success (and had similar frustrations during the upload), I'm just going to pile on against the original commenter. Your formula doesn't even work, smarty-pants. Let me explain. I've written several sentences so far but used only one "and". This is another sentence. This is another. This is another. By your can't-miss syntactic calculations, this paragraph should have had 2/8 sentences it it (or one quarter, for you math nerds who reduce your fractions).

It should have been a sentence fragment. AND a short one, at that.

Advanced Prototype 2.0 said...

Damn, talk about long ass run-on sentences!

Well, Deposit Files is always pretty slow, and throw in the fact that you have Time Warner internet, the chances of actually downloading a large file would be rather...Slim Jim to none. I know, because up in Westwood I have Time Warner internet as well, and have tried downloading files from Deposit Files (among other file host servers), and usually the files being downloaded get disconnected. The best file hosting server to download from is RapidShare. Usually the file is split up into a couple small files via WinRAR, so you can download each one very quickly and then join the files via WinRAR again.

Oh yeah, and I didn't have to click on that image to read it. Damn, I love my 20/10 vision!

Joe said...

I have a super helpful comment... I frickin' LOVE LOVE LOVE this post!!!

"Please try in 51 minutes"

Not 50 minutes... not 52 miinutes... try in exactly 51 minutes!

karpaydm said...

Ok, I was trying to think of something witty to say for this post, but then got sidetracked by my verification word again: this time it was "trimbag". Because I do whatever I am told on this site, being a bunion and all, I have to go turn my Netherlands into a nicely shorn work of art.

JimK said...

Okay. Storytime.

I'm on my phone checking Twitter and I see the link for this post. I click. Four-and-a-half minutes later the page is still loading. I think to myself "Should I hit stop? If I do the page will be like 99.96% loaded and I may as well just wait, it's going to finish any second."

Two minutes later I finally hit stop. Oh the irony! The subject matter! Lols were had. I decided to try to comment. I wrote what I think was a brilliant, witty comment about the irony of the page about the download not loading and all that, then I even made the obligatory Alanis irony joke. I cracked myself up and hit submit. Whereupon the phone promptly ate the comment and returned a blank page.


Then I came home and decided that I was going to try again. And my laptop wouldn't load any blogspot/blogger sites.

Again...lols. I mean at this point I'm pretty convinced that demons took over Alison's blog and were determined to keep me out. Clearly I am a threat to...something. Something besides cupcakes and good taste.

And so we are here. I've run out of humor and now I just want this comment to post. I swear to God I will cry like a thirteen year old girl at a Jonas Brothers concert if it doesn't work.

EDinATL said...