Monday, March 02, 2009

Tobey channels golden age of recording

Reader Kathy Lang on Facebook pointed out something I hadn't noticed! See below.


Tedtastic said...


But I'll have to report Dad to PETA for animal abuse! Tobey's poor ears!

EDinATL said...

Dude that's awesome! I like it I like it!

Toddrod said...

This thread almost makes me wanna log into my Facebook account, and ask Alison to add me. However, I don't really use my Facebook, and then I'd have to explain the "who is this Alison Rosen chick" to some of my friends who just won't understand.

Toddrod the Meringue

P.S. Tobey always looks so clean! I also thought the "horn dog" comment was hilarious! Where did it go?!?