Monday, March 02, 2009

A few things

1. My computer is surrounded by a force field of inactivity which sucks me into sitting in front of it and blithely fucking around (as ever Todd, I am sorry!) and yet accomplishing very little. It's enervating. Maybe it's releasing carbon monoxide fumes? I will attach a detector to my forehead.

2. Um... I know there was something else I was going to say but see number 1.

3. Oh yes! I received a call today and my caller ID said "telemarketer." It was the single best moment I've ever experienced with caller ID and now I'm marrying caller ID and my last name will be ID. Alison Rosen ID. And I'll give birth to LCD read outs. I tried to take a picture but because of the flash it didn't come out.

Yep, you can't make it out.

Also can't make it out in this one.

And then I noticed a striking similarity between the blurry bright greenish caller ID photos and the blurry bright greenish me photo above.

And then here's a photo of a duckling.

4. I'm going to be on a radio show tomorrow around 11am ET. I'll tell you the details when I'm good and ready so just step off.

5. Just kidding. Step on!

6. Dustin and I recorded what struck both of us as an insanely awesome supersized video which is like the ghost in the machine. Is that a reference to something that fucks (sorry Todd) up your machine? Because that's what I mean. It's the shoe that the saboteurs threw into the whatever they threw shoes into. It's a sabot. Could I BE more pretentious right now with my fancy French references? [This just in, I went looking for a link about the origin of the word sabotage and apparently that story may be apocryphal. So, hmmmmmmmm.]

7. What I mean to say is that I can't get the damn thing on my computer and it's bugging the fuck (I'm not even going to say it this time) out of me. But I will persevere.

8. Except apparently not near my computer because of the aforementioned daze I'm lulled into when I get near it.

9. Sleepy. Sooooo sleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeepy.

10. You know that scene in The Jungle Book where Mowgli is sort of hypnotized by the snake whose eyes go in circles? Am I even remembering this correctly? I'm not sure because I'm practically sleep blogging. This is like that.

11. Maybe it's the snow?

12. I got a call today. My couch is ready to be scheduled for delivery. For those who are new to my blog, well, perhaps the old timers around here can explain the significance in the comments? I'm too lazy and tired.

13. Oh and one more thing, where are my blog followers going? The number went from 111 to 104. Is it because of the koala bear?

14. Just didn't want to end on 13 even though I'm not superstitious except for sometimes.


David B said...

My Donkey would like to meet Koala. I was with my dad when he bought it for me in the Base Exchange (BX) at Clark Air Force Base, Philippines when I was around two or three. It has literally been around the world with me. My parents brought it to me while I was at camp, had it in the trunk so I could sneak a hug without any other campers seeing me. But yea, any chance of a crush was crushed when you showed you Koala to the world. I'm rather conservative and don't think it is appropriate to show your Koala off to everyone.

Advanced Prototype 2.0 said...

I was gonna say, "I thought you had a BlackBerry?" - but then I realized that's your home phone. Wait, so you mean to tell us that your couch is finally done and gonna be delivered? I thought you already had it like 2 months ago. Are you gonna name it? Are you gonna model on it for us?

I like how you keep recycling that duckling photo in your blogs once in a while. Why don't you go out and really buy/adopt a duckling?

Oh yeah, I also noticed that your follower numbers have decreased within the past week or so, but this was before the mouthless koala, so no worries. Let's just say it's a glitch.

Gary McClellan said...

OMFG - another AF brat from Clark!

(Sorry Alison - need to switch the focus from you briefly, I promise it will be brief)

David, and if you want to connect with fellow AF brats from the PI.

You look marvelous in that one photo Alison - whose hand are you in?

Gary McClellan said...

She said: "Oh and one more thing, where are my blog followers going? The number went from 111 to 104. Is it because of the koala bear?"

He said: "Found the answer. According to Blogger ... As a result of a recent integration between Blogger Following and Google Friend Connect, your Blogger privacy settings have been changed. It is important you read this message to understand how the change impacts the sites you follow, your visibility online when using Friend Connect, and what your options are moving forward.

You are receiving this e-mail because you've used both Blogger's Following feature and Google Friend Connect. So that sites you've joined via Friend Connect do not automatically show up on your Blogger profile without your explicit approval, we have changed your following status to "private" on all Blogger blogs. If you would like to have these sites shared publicly on your Blogger profile, here are some instructions for becoming a public follower again."

(Whew - all in one breath!)

Toddrod said...

Thanks Alison. For future reference, you can just apologize at the very end of the month for all the times you cursed. I can give you a tally if you think that will help!


Scott said...

I've got to say I'm with Todd on this one--I'm not loving the potty mouth either (that probably only ensures you'll use it even more:)

Seriously, it sounds forced and unnatural coming from you.

You kind of sound like the girl in Jr. High that came from a nice affluent family and who's normally articulate and well mannered, but when she's around all the wild kids from the other side of the tracks she intentionally throws in an occasional F-bomb for effect hoping they'll think she's cool and accept her.

Jr. High was a long time ago for most of us here and we already think you're cool and accept you. Impress us with your wit and writing ability, not your familiarity with edgy descriptive adjectives.

Congratulations on the new Couch btw...when the fuck is gonna be delivered? :)

alison said...

But in real life I actually curse like a sailor. Ask any of my sailor friends.

Joe said...

Dammit Alison! Please leave the swearing to us. We're professionals!

I can explain to the newbies all about the couch...

See, last summer Alison decided to... uhhhhh....

One day Alison realized... hmmmmmm...

See Alison decided to move last year and after the air conditioner fell out of the window she thought...... ummmmm... ahhh....

Aw, the heck with it. Go back and read Alison's 9,000 blog entries about couches and that will bring you up to date.

Tedtastic said...

Fuck everyone! Speak yo mind soul sister!


I do have a complaint though...not language but instead of old timers can we be referred to as Veteran RosenFans!?!?!? It just sounds better!

Actually I've noticed their is an Inner Circle of RosenFans...the members know who they are! So referring to us as the Inner-Circle is appropriate as well.


karpaydm said...

It's the cult of Rosenality.

Advanced Prototype 2.0 said...

Or how about "The AMR Originals"? I don't know about you guys, but that sounds fucking gangsta to me!

Trapp said...

Well, I'll join in the cursing just this once, and say that computers are the greatest invention ever made, for people who want to fuck off all day. Even if you don't intend it, it ends up happening. There's so much to distract you, and the time disappears.

Regarding the computer hypnosis, I'm somewhat hesitant to confess just how dangerous I think computers and the internet can be.

Maybe the occasional failures are a good thing. I'm not in a hurry to see the day when we feel that we can put our complete trust in our computers.