Monday, March 02, 2009

My dad playing trumpet and Tobey joining in

He's a very musical dog. Can't say I agree with his choice of albums and MP3s (mostly slow jams) but I appreciate his passion.


Advanced Prototype 2.0 said...

Hey, now that's my kind of dog! I'm into R&B and some slow jams, but not the mainstream kind you're thinking of. Tobey and my dog Burrito should be homies. I think they would get along quite well.

Toddrod said...

I kept clicking on the picture, thinking it was a video. I was looking forward to hearing the music!


Joe said...

I'm tempted to call Tobey a horndog but it's probably better if I just say he's pretty dang cute.

Maybe Tobey hid a buscuit in there!

alison said...

Ha! Horndog! Hahahaha!