Monday, March 09, 2009

There are uninvited teeth on my blog!

Also, I'm really finding those sets of teeth in that ad below to be both distracting and kind of gross!


Jonfun said...

Dental health is important, which reminds me I have a drill in my mouth the 14th of next month. Ugh, teeth work. *sigh*

Joe said...

I think it's funny how the ad for Hershey's Chocolates appears right next to the ad that says, "How Rachel Ray Lost 30lbs".

Trapp said...

I think maybe Cathy's teeth whitening secret is called "photoshop". Not only has the yellow been removed from the teeth in the second picture, but also from the surrounding lips and gums!

And yes, that's a particularly unattractive thing to be stuck with on your blog.

Steve Spagnuolo said...

Reviews on the TEETH:

Sick, disgusting, and yet fabulous. I'm sure Gary Busey is scared sh*tless.