Monday, March 09, 2009

Eggs and iMovie

I just cracked open an egg and the white of the egg is kind of orangish/brownish tinged. I wonder what this means? It doesn't smell rotten. Anyway, if I die I'll let you guys know.

Also, iMovie is seizing up on me. How am I supposed to make a slow motion flashback sequence if I can't get the thing to save slow motion? Also not saving? Sepia tone. I should just rub egg white all over it.

Except it isn't really egg white. It's egg brown/yellow. You know?


Anonymous said...

"Is it alright if I post this comment from work ?"......

Brett B said...

Maybe, as the egg was being formed... and before he egg's shell got hard for the hen to lay that egg....a blood vessel broke... giving the white an orange tint. If it turned that color while cooking it could have been going through some carbonylamine-type reaction.