Monday, March 09, 2009

Hello blog readers

Just wanted to say that I have not forsaken you! I love you more than I love Facts of Life which is pretty much the most I can possibly love anything. It just hasn't been a bloggy day. Actually, I have a blockage of blogs which is what happens sometimes. There are about three long posts clogging the blog flume. You know? Anyway, just didn't want you to think you weren't first and foremost in my thoughts.

My thoughts:

1. You
2. it's kind of hot in here
3. I'm sleepy
4. iMovie is frustrating me
5. am I entertained by Russell Brand?
6. Blogger seems buggy right now
7. I'm closing in on 2000 followers on Twitter. Yay for me!
8. I need a haircut
9. Maybe I should watch M.A.S.H.? I went through M.A.S.H. phase around the holidays.
10. Times were simpler then
11. Why are capers called nonpareils?


Tedtastic said...

I guess you are Blog Constipated...take a virtual laxative....and let loose Ro Ro!

My thoughts:

1. Damn that was a good Carne Asada Burrito.

2. Thank you Joe McDonald

3. Should I be Alison's 2000!?!?! Nah!

4. I'd love to watch Mash with you...just so I could say, "Hot Lips Houlihan"

5. I need a haircut!

6. Times were simpler when I only had to worry about Pinko Commies

7. What the hell is iMovie

8. Thank you Joe McDonald

9. Should I send Alison a virtual hug....yeah, what the hell XXXX

10. Peace out sucka!

Corey Ranes said...

Doesn't everyone go through a M.A.S.H. phase every now and then?

Advanced Prototype 2.0 said... very thoughtful of you, Alison! And on behalf of all the homies out there, I'd like to say that you're also 1st in our thoughts as well! As a matter of fact, your site is the 1st thing I check every morning. Even before my very own e-mails! Now ain't that a dedicated reader or what?

Trapp said...

My thoughts on the Rosenthoughts:

1. Of course! What else would you be thinking of?
2. That's what we keep telling you
3. Very sleepy
4. Soooo sleeeepy
5. Now I'm sleeeepy
6. Blogger is definitely buggy
7. Ted should be #2000
8. You've mentioned this before. As my Italian Grandmother would say, "Coraggio!"
9. I finally forced myself to stop watching MASH, only to find out that you're watching MASH instead of blogging
10. Around the holidays?
11. My vast knowledge of capers and french terms tells me that nonpareils, meaning "without equal", are supposedly given to only the smallest, tastiest, and most aromatic capers, found in France.

But you probably already knew that.

Christian said...

1. Me?
2. It is a little warm in here. Lets turn down the heat.
3. Your probably asleep now, but for some reason I can't fall asleep yet.
4. Imovie either works well, or just is a total bitch.
5. Gosh I hope your not entertained by that no talent asshat Russel Brand. He is Britain's Carlos Mencina.
6. Hmmm blogger's running fine now, but it is 3:45 where you are.
7. Big yay for you on the followers.
8. I seriously need a haircut. I'm getting bad Elvis Hair.
9. M.A.S.H. is one of those shoes you can watch over and over. Its just fun.
10. See above
11. Capers? Um.

Remember, all that was written when I had massive insominia, so it may not be as funny as I think.

Joe said...

We rate higher than The Facts of Life on the Rosen-Love-Meter? WOW!

On your list of thoughts, don't #1 and #2 go together? I mean maybe you get hot thinking of us. That's totally understandable.

Hopefully instead of blogging yesterday you were out enjoying some of the warm(er) weather after a long winter. I opened the door for a few minutes to let some fresh air in (but only for a few minutes because it was still in the lower 40s here.) More warm weather coming though.

So how come Ted only thanked me twice?

Toddrod said...

You know, I was thinking, if Alison is the Mrs. Garrett of her blog, then who would the other cast members be? Hmmmm

Blair - Tedtastic because he's kinda snobby sometimes, talking about how he's cool, but he's good hearted, and has awesome hair! He changes his name about as much as Blair changes her clothes sizes from the changes in weight.

Jo - That would be me! Toddrod! I'm sorta a pain in the ass, yet I'm vulnerable, but always trying to put up a tough wall around me. I've got issues because I know that someday I'll be a real star making movies with Tatum O'Neil

Natalie - Joe McDonald has to be Natalie! Everyone loves Joe, just like everyone love Natalie, because he's always saying funny stuff to make us all laugh. He also looks great in those knee high stockings.

Tootsie - Well, this was a tough one, so I've decided that everyone else is Tootsie! Cuz you are all stacked and roller skate everywhere!! Did I mention you were all stacked?


Joe said...

Todd - that's great!

Natalie signing off...

B Graves said...

I find that a half a liter of whiskey usually gets my inner voice piping up. Though, my inner censor usually goes AWOL about the same time...



Trapp said...


You must be thinking of that episode where Dustin Hoffman played Mrs. Garrett's sister.

But I will fight to the death to be Tootie!

Oh, alright. Wasn't Different Strokes some kind of spin-off? I could be one of them.

By the way, I don't believe for a minute that Alison loves us more than The Facts of Life.

Tedtastic said...


Joe, you know I'm fucking with ya! You the man...I appreciate the condensed clips! Saves, me from having to set up the TIVO.

Jo (I mean Todd), that was a classic! I give it comment of the week! I'll be Alison's Blair (now this is getting freaky) any day! I think it's committed a Facts of Life sin by saying Tootsie...

Brett can be Tootie can't he!?!?! Don't forget 2.0 & Trapp, I'm sure they'd love to play an 80s female character in this twisted blog show!

Tedtastic said...

I just saw an add on your blog for Cathy's yellow teeth! I wonder if the advertisers have studied RosenFan demographics and feel we don't brush! FYI, my teeth are perfect Joe...but we wouldn't expect anything less from a Blair now would we!?!?!!?!?

Congrats on getting the mag assignment!

Anonymous said...

Hi Alison! Thanks so much for remembering us. You are probably the only female celebrity whom I follow on Twitter, am friends with on Facebook, whose blog I read religiously now, and whose YouTube vids have me hooked! (And not just because I have a very gay crush on Dustin Goot.)

*My thoughts*:

1. What new things is Alison thinking about?

2. Damn, Dustin Goot is inexplicably hot.

3. When's Alison getting her own show?

4. Is it really possible that NEITHER Alison, Natali Delconte, Michelle Collins, Shira Lazar, Anna David, nor Diana Falzone are related to each other in any way?

5. What's Dustin Goot wearing?

6. What's he wearing under that?

7. Feeling guilty for dwelling so much on Dustin Goot in a comment on Alison's blog.

8. Is Alison going to approve my comment?

9. Oh well, at least she'll have read it if she denies it.

10. Did Greg call Alison a communist because she really is, or is it a joke because she's the opposite, or is it a joke because she doesn't care about politics?

11. Would Alison and Dustin be my friends in real life, or am I probably not cool enough to be their friend because I'm the kind of person who follows television/YouTube personalities this closely while people like them just live their lives?

12. This is probably enough thoughts to share in a comment that Alison might not approve anyway.

- Trev

Toddrod said...

OMG.. I meant Tootie! Thanks Trapp! You are stacked!