Saturday, March 07, 2009

Clips from Red Eye last night

thanks to Joe McDonald for making this!

Note in the first question how I lose my train of thought. Also you can see my bra as the show wears on. Also, I am covered in cysts and glow in the dark. Anything else I can over share?


EDinATL said...

Your earrings rock my socks

webweasel said...

you still look fabulous

Trapp said...

Another fine job, Joe.

You know Alison, if you're tired of your earrings, you could always auction them off here.

How much would you ladies and gentlemen pay for these fine earrings once worn by the one and only Alison Rosen?

Do I hear an opening bid?


Here is a longer video of RedEye that was uploaded to PopModal


karpaydm said...

Great job on Red Eye again....

Auctioning off Rosen items... I like it Trapp!

Nothing creepy though. Just stuff like hair from the shower drain and used bars of soap. Or perhaps chewed pieces of gum or a loogie in a plastic bag.

Of course I am kidding, but auctioning off signed magazine articles or head shots or dinners could probably sustain her for years.

I can't believe people who claim to "love" you actually bitched about your earrings. What tools. Never gonna getcha but already trying to change ya. Women love that stuff.


alison said...


Tedtastic said...

Thank you Joe McDonald!

Dude, you looked all offended the first time he called you a pinko commie! That was a classic....Why can't they give you the hottie intro!?!?!!? Damn them!

What in the hell have the make up people down with PAB!?!?!?!

You were marvelous as usual!

Thank you Joe McDonald!

mr_sharp said...

I love red eye, and you fit right in with them. Your quick witted answers and comments were very funny. You need to join them again sometime soon.