Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Some shots from Friday's Red Eye

Here I am in the green room just being all ravishing and stuff.

And then here I am in the newsroom where I was seated for the first couple blocks of the show.
"Blocks," that's real TV talk. Did I lose you? No? Let me try harder: camera. top of the show. makeup. um... lights... uh... er... um... wait, come back in a few minutes. I need to think more about this.

Still in the newsroom.

Yep, newsroom.


And then I came into the studio and made this face.

And then apparently I laughed so hard my left eyeball popped out.


Trapp said...

Alright, you're really starting to freak me out.

Every time I come here, you just happen to be putting new things up at that very moment. It's like my computer is haunted.

Nice photos, though. Is the left eye the one that twitches?

If so, I say, good riddance! An eye patch isn't so bad.

Prototype 3: Rise of the Machine said...

I like the first photo. You look all...sweet and innocent? If only it was clearer and in HD. Oh, and nice hair.

Seems like photo 4 is your signature look.

You have the best facial expressions. Ever.

Jaqob Jackson said...

I think I know what you are thinking when you made that face!

I bet you are still upset over Gutfeld not mentioning you or promoting anything you are doing on the show you were on like a month ago.

Remember that? His words were something like "Sorry, we're out of time Alison Rosen bye bye!"

That explains why you were still fuming and burning inside about what Greg did on that show.

C'mon, admit it!

Toddrod said...

I really really really shouldn't post this, but I was watching Red Eye Friday with a buddy, and we kept saying how Alison is funny, but her bra was showing. I was thinking that nobody else noticed, but then there was a close up of the stupid newspaper Pinch, and sure enough, Alison you were adjusting your blouse to try to cover your bra!!! The horror. I'm sorry if this is embarrassing or totally false.


Anonymous said...

"Looks like I've missed a lot. "

Joe said...

The lights in the newsroom and the studio make it look like you were wearing two slightly different colored tops.

I agree with Trapp, an eye patch would be kind of cool. Or maybe bring along your big sunglases next time.

Blocks, chyrons, green room... you television people are so... televisiony.

But yes, you did look ravishing!

Ted from Accounting said...

That 1st pic is ravishing!

Scott said...

That first pic is adorable! If it was a little better quality you could submit that shot to that magazine.

You need a better camera phone girlfriend! Something w/at least 2 Mega Pixels and a flash ;)

ecgladstone said...

so, I'm guessing you didn't notice that booger you had the whole time...
JK! haha, I had to balance out all these sweetheart stalkers.
ciao, bellissima.