Wednesday, April 01, 2009

The Pocket Clowns

Back when I worked at the OC Weekly we'd do a joke issue on April Fools. One year we put a fake band, The Pocket Clowns, on the cover. I wrote a follow up piece the next year. This is that story. Some of the humor is local and time-specific but some of it holds, I think:


Christian said...

I lost a year of my life following "The Pocket Clowns" from gig to gig. Selling macrame hats out of my van to support myself to the other "Clownies" as we called ourselves. Ah good times, good times.

Trapp said...

I used to have a subscription to OCD Weekly. Oh. Different mag.

It does indeed hold up. Excellent.

(Christian, was that you? It's me, Bobo! The one handing out the velcro noses!)

10th member of Slipknot said...

Kinda like the movie This is Spinal Tap except no Rob Reiner.

Christian said...

Bobo! Doooooood How's it hangen? You still got that purple and red hat with the lil balls? Man..weren't those the days?

I guess. I don't remember most of them. All the LDS.

Joe said...

I had a one-nighter with Ginger L. Gladness back on '02. She was still very obsessive-compulsive. I won't go into details. I hear she's now working at a small music store in Medford, Oregon and teaches yoga at the Rogue Community College.

Bless her heart.

Ted from Accounting said...

"get ready to smell like clowns" he he

I have always hated clowns! Freaky lil bitches they are!

Nice joke Ro Ro