Monday, March 30, 2009

Before and After phrases that will never appear on Wheel of Fortune

Save the date rape

All of a sudden infant death syndrome

Out of the blue balls

Studying for the big final solution

Have mercy killing

You're golden showers

Not my cup of tea bagging

Moby Dick Head


Michael R said...

Comedy gold.

Anonymous said...

Haha! Love it.

Rich said...

Pardon my French tickler. Haha.

Yours are better. :-)

It Takes Balls said...

Brilliant! Comedic genius in the body of a hottie.

On the other hand job
Look before you leap to your death
Penny for your thoughts on pedophilia
No means no more tears

Rich said...

Top of the morning wood.

I'm really done now.

Cher said...

Love the list!

Toddrod said...

Alison!?!? Your Dad didn't really give you the Before and After phrase that you shared in that tweet, did he?!?!

If it's true, I've totally misunderstood where he comes from for the past few months since I've been following your blog! I'm so embarrassed!


Anonymous said...

"Contribute it on if you want."

Jaqob Jackson said...





Joe said...

Those are great!

I'm trying to think of some and I can't. I'm mentally constipated this morning.

karpaydm said...

This is hilarious!

I won't even bother trying to come up with more since yours are so good!


Ted from Accounting said...

Not to be the blue balls buster on the blog but unfortunately the liberal writers on the show would change these two phrases to:

Moby Richard Head

Save non-consensual intercourse

Trapp said...

Very funny.

Is Pat Sajak still the guy who does the show? These would work best if he didn't know about them ahead of time.

I'm not sure which I prefer, the embarrassingly dirty ones, or depressingly horrible ones.

Either way, the studio audience will leave in stunned silence.

Jaqob Jackson said...

Not to pretend that I am the Commander In Chief Offender, but the captcha for this post is FORTARD.

Sounds like a combination of the word FORGET and RETARD.

If you're a forgetful retard then that would make you a fortard.

Don't thank me for that, thank Blogger.

Jaqob Jackson said...

Oh yeah, speaking of GOLDEN SHOWERS I saw this pic with the caption "A-Rod enjoyss a golden shower". HAHAHAHA

This Dita Von Teese champagne shower is super hot

Randy said...

I certainly hope you've submitted these to McSweeney's.