Monday, March 23, 2009

Q&A vlog part 2

scroll down for part 1


Lauren Ashley said...

Hahahahaha! Loved it! Have fun on the Strategy Room tomorrow! :D

Toddrod said...

:( Alison? Are you ok? You seem a little distant the last couple days. I know it's not realistic to expect you to happy and energetic all the time, but I feel sad when you appear to have little or no energy. I hope you get a good night sleep, and this weird phase you are in passes in the morning! Honestly, I think you are upset that you scored so low in the Dr. Drew Narcissist test. A 13?!?!

Toddrod <--scored a 15 so I'm more full of myself than Alison is!

Joe said...

Have fun on the Strategy Room today Ali Ro!

So I kind of fell down my steps this morning. Nothing serious - no injuries or anything. I just missed a step and kind of slid down half a dozen steps.

The important thing is that I took time to measure my rate of acceleration at an increasing rate of 32 feet per second per second. This measurement verifies what physicists have long stated is the nominal acceleration due to gravity at the Earth's surface at sea level. And that's a little strange because I'm nowhere near sea level.

But please don't confuse acceleration with the gravitational constant of the universe, which as we all know is an empirical physical constant measuring the gravitational attraction between objects with mass.

Unfortunately the gravational constant applied to me this morning because I have mass. I'M NOT A PHOTON, PEOPLE! Also, my hip is a little sore and I don't think photons don't have hips.

Toddrod said...

Ha! That would be a cool name for ya Joe! Photon Joe! I think you should consider a name change. It's much better than Hippy Hippy Shake Joe. I hope you feel much better dude. Stop trying to walk down stairs thinking about the beauty that is Alison's new haircut. I know, I've caught myself doing it too, but self preservation is important, dude! We need you!



My photons have hips!!


Hey Alison, I asked you at the very least 2 good questions along with some other questions that were kind of goofy and irrelevant, but ones that you could answer quickly after reading them. At least, I thought.

But still, you didn't respond to even one of them!

Not feelin the love Alison. Not feelin it.


Ted from Accounting said...

Damn you Joe just write you fell on your ass hard ! You need to write at the level of your readers! Glad you are okay!

Todd..."weird phase you are in passes" - LOL, I know what you are saying but wasn't that Ford Fiesta video a classic! Remember, these are tough times for a print writer....let's support Alison any way possible! If it helps boost moral, I scored a 28 and was disappointed at how low my score was!

Alison, FYI, your hair looked great in that clip! IMO you always look best with a more natural (no professional make up) look.

Lauren Ashley said...

"Toddrod <--scored a 15 so I'm more full of myself than Alison is!"

At least you're not more full of Alison than Alison is!

Toddrod said...

Lauren... you are wrong. I AM full of Alison! I am full of Alison's goodness and special charisma! Now if I could only have a head full of her hair, that would rock!