Saturday, February 28, 2009

My Gina Carano story in the March issue of Maxim

Thanks to Prototype for sending this to me!


Baysinger said...

I was led to believe I would see you in a Bikini, I was disappointed, but not by much.Gina is not unattractive.

Anonymous said...

"Next, do the Kimbo Slice story with him lying on his back with the same pose and outfit as Gina Carano". Can't wait for that issue."

Toddrod said...

Stupid Maxim. They have the shortest articles ever! It's because 90% of their subscribers can't read above a 4th grade level, and that causes Alison to only get a couple paragraphs. Great article Alison. I really was looking forward to the Gina Carano interview.


Advanced Prototype 2.0 said...

Yeah, too bad it was short. Good read, too.

Advanced Prototype 2.0 said...

Oh, I didn't really scan this, I just got it off her site/fansite. Sorry for the confusion.

Ted, White and Blue said...

How cool is that Miss Rosen!?!?!

Nice read...wish it was way longer!

Thanks for grabbing the picture Advanced Prototype 2.0! Even though I'm Myspace BFFs with Gina, I wasn't aware of that fan site! Awesome site!

My favorite Quote from Gina:

“Everyone has their own niche in life. I just seem to gravitate towards physical violence.” –Gina Carano

Have a great weekend Blog Urchins!

Jonfun said...

Gina, formerly Crush on American Gladiators relaunch on NBC, Carano always won me over.

When I found out she was tough as nail MMA fighter it total blew me away.

Talk about being able to keep guys in tick her of and you'll be turned into a mud puddle. A grease stain on the concrete.

I'm almost tempted to go buy that issue of Maxim. In a ironic occurrence I was watching "Cash Cab" on Discovery this week and three college age guys missed a question on that magazine. I think I would've too. Yeah, I like girls, not a prude, but sometimes I still like my imagination intact.

I hate being striped down to one of those yellow and black books called: "Dummies Guide to Girls/Women". Now that I've said that I wonder if there such a thing.

Stopping the rambling, moving on, for now.

Toddrod said...

I'm gonna buy the Maxim mag. I still want Alison's autograph on something she wrote that was published, just cuz I'm a sheep like that.

Toddrod (baaaa)

Advanced Prototype 2.0 said...

I actually have the issue, thanks to my roommate's subscription to it. I'd also like Alison to sign this for me. Damn, that would be like a total "FU" to Gina Carano, given that it is her article, interview, and photo! But yeah, I'd rather have Alison's autograph than Gina's.