Friday, February 13, 2009

I Q&A vlogged for you!

Part 1 (by the way, I'm not sure I made it clear that the journal entry I refer to is from almost 10 years ago. Hence, retro awesomeness.)

Part 2:

And can we talk for a moment about how horrifically horrible the still shot for this video is? I look inbred. WHICH I'M NOT.


Trapp said...

Maybe you like shopping for presents.

No, there's nothing in particular that I'd like. Just surprise me. I'm sure that I'll love whatever it is.

You're the best.

Ted from Accounting said...

Can you start a "Win a Date with Alison" contest?


Okay, so for the official blog record, I don't like disappear...I just get so busy that I can't think of witty comments to type (Yes, I consider all my writing to be eloquent prose).

I mean, running a Fortune 500 company is time consuming people!

Michael from Louisiana was fun...I always enjoyed his daily songs! Bring Michael Back...Bring Michael Back...Attica...Attica

Toddrod said...

Yeah me too! I sorta wondered where Michael went. I kinda got the feeling that once Alison became more popular that he just didn't wanna share anymore. I sometimes get that same feelings. Like when Anonymous leaves a message, I just think to myself, "who is that guy?!?"


Corey Ranes said...

I don't like to shop either.

Maybe I should have asked a question because my awesomeness is through the roof and you would have answered it. Until next time. Happy trails.

Ted from Accounting said...

Okay as the Western Regional Director of the RosenFan Club....I've been thinking

Possible FanClub luncheon locations:

Tortilla Joe's in DownTown's right next to the ESPN Zone (I'm smelling a Skee Ball Tourney) and the House of Blues.

I bet lots of your fans would come...especially if you bring Anna!

W F G said...

If you answer a Twitter question from me, it's fine if you'd prefer to use WFG. I can't use WFG on Twitter because I'd used it before for a deleted account.

No need to approve this comment, I'm just letting you know that I'm fine with WFG.

WFG aka ReflectiveBore.

Anonymous said...

"IN your next Vlog, You should have a guy donning the kind of hat and beard Abe Lincoln had and wearing a birthday Suit walking behind you Unexpectedly as your answering questions in the video. ANd you say, ["Was there anything behind me?"]."

Mel said...

The part where you talk about your parents going over your blog comments with various magnifying implements was hilarious. It's too late for me to be laughing this loud. But I see why they're all in love with you. I'm pretty new here but you can add my name to the bottom of that list as well.

Joe said...

I remember so well when you were on Red Eye last Valentine's Day!

Let's see... if I rememebr right you wore a black top with a red sweater, kind of a small necklace and a watch on your left wrist. And you had also just become the Senior Editor at Page Six Magazine.

Yes, I have a good memory. OK, so I also watched this.

I don't think it's a coincidence you're on the show again this Valentine's Day. It's become a Red Eye tradition.

Prototype said...

Whatever happened to peeps who say, "My bad"?

Come on Alison, isn't it kind of sad that I remember that about you, yet you forget to mention that here?

Soon, I'll have to write your biography.