Friday, February 13, 2009

About whether to watch the videos here or on Anna's blog

I mean, both, obviously!!

But I bring it up because it's come up in the comments and it's something Anna and I are figuring out as well. If I had my druthers—and sadly I can't remember the last place I saw them, I mean, I know they didn't just walk out of here on their own!!!!!!—we would both post the videos and then you would see them here and there and we'd also put them in your apartment and on your ceiling and in the back of a cab* and one day we would broadcast them straight to the insides of your eyelids. And then we'd GO VIRAL! I'm not even sure what that means but I think it means that fans would shed tiny bits of Anna and my embed code. I'm joking, I know what GO VIRAL means in this sense but I just don't know how to do it. Must we insert a shrimp on a treadmill into our videos? Or a dancing hamster? An erudite gopher? Can you guys help us in our quest for being contagious on an epic scale? We're very blood born. Also, we mutate. Also, don't watch our videos if you have cuts in your mouth. Just kidding! You can totally watch our videos if you have cuts in your mouth! In fact, we insist on it!

So but just wanted to bring this conversation into the open since you're having it in the comments and we're having it in the hot tub where we like to hang out and do our thinking. Have at her!

So, just to round it all up. There is this site which you are well acquainted with. And there's Anna's blog which you also know. And then both of us have youtube pages.

*not really because let's face it: everyone shuts that shit off the second they slide into a cab.


Joe said...

Well, that's reallly the 8,000 pound elephant in the room, isn't it? Or maybe it's 9,000 pounds. All I know is the living room is getting pretty crowded. And damn smelly!

In the morning I often stare at my computer screen for hours wondering which blog to view first - Alison's or Anna's. It's a perplexing problem, and that's why I now set up a weekly calendar to guide me in my blog selection. I view Alison's blog first on every day that has a Y in it and view Anna's blog first on every day that has a S. Problem solved!

And instead of going viral, I strongly recommend you go vinyl. Unless of course you prefer aluminum siding. I personally like brick veneer (or stone veneer, whichever is heavier). Cedar shingles are popular on the east coast - but then I've been told that shingles can be very painful.

Ted from Accounting said...

Joe, I think I'll pass on the calendar schedule and use my Uiji board...because Uiji is always right!

Uiji says this is a good day to post a comment on Anna's blog!

MR said...

Hey A-Ro,

I've been thinking about your path to fame.

Always reminds me of the trend blazer, self-made, self-promoter, Gary V.

The reason why I mention him, is that, he's big on the professional speaking circuit. He clearly uses a lot of humor or "Dirty Jerz" attitude to get his point across.

I thought that being a featured speaker might be an interesting way for you to get more publicity. (As you've mentioned that standup comedy is hard to break into.)

He's well-known for this speech - "Stop watching f*cking LOST"

The reason why I say this is that the whole media and advertising world is always looking for interesting people to do keynotes and speeches.

But, what is really interesting about this guy, is his commitment to his fans.

One time, a co-speaker, Pete Cashmore of Mashable (big blog in social network world)...didn't show for a event.

The club wouldn't turn down the music for Gary V only...

So, he took it outside, braved the rain, got up on a bucket (literally), and, gave a great speech.

check out his adoring fans (Vayniacs) on this speech.

Sidewalk Rally -

No that's loyalty and cache.

You should do an episode with him, on WineLibraryTV.

He's also got a good (very short) video called - "In the trenches bitches"

Keep crushing it!

From the trenches,

- WebStrategist - Matt Robson

Colorburned said...

I think you guys should set up or you guys can fight over it; either way, I'll set it up for you.