Friday, February 13, 2009

Delightfully dark picture of Anna, me and Natali

Brighter photos to come.

Oh and last night Natali got recognized by someone which I didn't think much of because she's all over the place but then it turned out he'd specifically recognized her from Red Eye and upon hearing this—or rather upon Anna telling me this was what was going on—I tried my best to dangle my very memorable and arguably exquisite face in his sight line. I mean, I all but sat in his lap. But Anna Who Could See The Conversation And Make Out What He Was Saying told me that evidently he'd only seen one episode... featuring Natali.

It's cool though because I recognized myself and made a big to-do until finally I had to have one of my handlers tell me to cool it because I was freaking out "the talent," which is how I refer to myself to myself.

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Trapp said...

Every time I go into the city, I bring with me a recording of a Sousa march, and a pocket full of confetti, just in case I run into Alison.