Friday, January 30, 2009

Things I Won't Be Doing On Superbowl Sunday

Yelling at a television set

Painting my face

Counting the layers in any sort of bean dip type situation

Claiming there are seven layers despite a fellow bean dip lover's insistence that there are eight

Talking about what I was doing at exactly this time last year

Taking a cross-section of said dip and counting the layers

Wearing a jersey

Getting frustrated regarding bean dip kerfuffle and shooting friend in the face

With easy cheese!

Tossin' the pigskin

Slappin' the salami

Chokin' the chicken

Wait, this is the wrong kind of list

Rooting for "my" team

Understanding how the game works

Shotgunning beers

Riding shotgun... on the couch!

Officiating at any sort of shotgun wedding

Doing any sort of special touchdown dance

Taking odds

Performing at half time

Wearing my lucky underwear


Christian said...

Do you actually have Lucky Underwear, or are you just bragging?

I love football, but could care less about this game. If they had chosen 2 teams out of hat, it would be a better game.

DarkKnight3565 said...


1. Alison M Rosen
2. umm....don't think anything else need be added to this list.

Ted from Accounting said...

But are you rooting for George St. Pierre or B.J. Penn on Saturday! I'll be wearing my lucky underwear that GSP wins! Doubtful that I'll be chokin the chicken or slapping the salami either!

Colt V. Ables said...

Slappin' the salami...

W. Randall said...

Now come on, that's just downright un-American. Everyone knows the grated cheese on top of the dip doesn't count as a separate layer!

Prototype said...

Whoa, whoa, whoa!

So the question is...what WILL you be doing then?

warrensheehan said...

i wont be whatching the lingerie why bother watching at i guess i wont be "slappin the salami" either.

Toddrod said...

I am sad to say that I am extremely disappointed that Alison will not be wearing a football jersey during the Superbowl. I suppose it's not her fault, but women who wear football jerseys are extremely sexy in my opinion.

Do you think Anna will wear a jersey? I should go ask her!!


warrensheehan said...

contemplating suicide while "polishing the bayonet"??

timdub70 said...

On Super Bowl Sunday I just sit home and watch the game. For the first time it will be in HDTV. I will make every effort to miss the halftime show, no matter which artist is doing it.

EDinATL said...

This was amusing, but I laughed at "actually understanding the game"

I don't get off on football at all either. I think I do politics and news with that part of my brain.

Joe said...

Girls in football jerseys? ALWAYS a hot look.

Me: Who's going to be the big winner on Superbowl Sunday?

NFL Magic 8 Ball: Whoever's dating Alison and Anna obviously.

Toddrod said...

Thanks for agreeing with me Joe. I always need a little support!


Kevin said...

I'll be having my own marathon of The Hills... because I'm manly like that.

Ted from Accounting said...

Yeah but it's got to be the right football jersey! I think Alison would look best in a Raiders know the whole dark hair thingy! Anna would be best in a..hmmmmm 49ers Jersey...possibly!?!!?!

Toddrod said...

If Alison wore a Raiders jersey..... forget about it! I'd fall in love with her, and wouldn't give her any crap about anything ever again! Not even about the sofa!


Paul M. Carhart said...

I noticed "experiencing a wardrobe malfunction" was NOT on that list.

Steve Spagnuolo said...

I'm the only guy here with a football resume and am not even the first one to answer this post. Amazing. ......