Thursday, January 29, 2009

An open letter to Anna David

Dear Anna,

Are we debasing ourselves by posting these vlogs? You know, but like, debasing in a bad way? I can't believe I'm even asking this considering what a camera whore I am. It's probably just hormones right? Right.



Kevin said...

Even if the vlogs are debasing, just remember you’re doing them to bring joy to the countless number of people who read your blog(s).

Lew said...

An open letter to Alison and Anna -

No, you are not debasing yourselves in any way! You are giving others a window into the magical world that you live in and, no doubt, providing them with much enjoyment in their odd lives. Lives largely devoid of magic 8 balls, imaginary pets, and blogs about porn stars.

So...shine crazy diamonds...vlog on...


Colorburned said...

I think I'll miss these videos when you guys are done with the super secret project that you're working on.

Trapp said...

I don't think you're even making these vlogs. I think they're just hallucinations I'm having.

I knew I should have listened to those warnings about the peanut butter cookies.

Ted from Accounting said...

debase Definition

de·base (dē bās′, di-)

transitive verb debased -·based′, debasing -·bas′·ing
to make lower in value, quality, character, dignity, etc.; cheapen

No, I think it's sexual frustration actually...goes along with the over eating!

annalytical said...

if debasing means bringing joy to men, women, children and potentially animals, then yes i believe we are. btw, it's very post modern cool to write this comment in response to your open letter while you are sitting approximately one foot from me but we are both being quiet and acting like we're working on our project that isn't the manhattan project but is still secret.