Thursday, January 29, 2009

DAY 2 on the job

First Anna ate lunch and our boss said he was behind the scenes!

THEN even more happened!

THEN we bullied a model!

THEN Anna told a horrifying elevator story!


DarkKnight3565 said...

U got dem gud vlogging skillz, yo! Wurd!

And tell Anna I apologize for the elevator incident. I just got carried away.

Prototype said...

Alison - Yet, you said "supposebly" in the 2nd video clip. Isn't that against the writer's code or something?

Anna - Perhaps you're still eating despite your loss of appetite because of stress? Even when you're not hungry, stress has its way of creeping up on you to make you eat so as to comfort you ("comfort food").

Lew said...

Just a heavenly bit of awesome Rosen-ness...

But...for your adoring fans/stalkers/illiterate shut-ins...can you blog about what kind of odd project has you and Anna ensconced in this contemporary furniture showroom with the random model lounging about? I mean what IS this project?

Joe said...

Anna: Have you ever said, "God Anna, that's a really good angle?"

Ali Ro: Anna, that is a really good angle.

Anna: I don't believe you.

Ali Ro: I know.

Best videos yet!

Kevin said...

You seriously need your own television show, you're way too awesome to be confined to the internet!

Ted from Accounting said...

Over-eating is often a sign of sexual frustration!

Ted from Accounting said...

Not that Anna is sexually frustrated....unless she was playing with her hair in these clips...that is another obvious sign! I'll have to watch her body language from now on...I bet she twists her hair sometimes...that will confirm it!

bradleyejones said...

Have you replaced your best friend Wendy with Anna or is this a short term work/friend thing going on?

Toddrod said...

This is just a quick note to my fellow bloggers. I'm really proud of you guys. Alison and Anna went out of their way to show a pretty model girl to us. Yet, none of you deemed that fact worthy of a mention. This goes to show that Alison and Anna are kicking ass! Additionally, I just wanted to say that, the model girl was really cute with those dimples. Weeeeeeeee!


Jonfun said...

"Its like a TV show!"

So have the lyrics been written to the pilot?

Its the double A's watch them as they play. Alison and Anna videos all day.

I agree...she said she looked bad. What the flip?!?