Friday, January 30, 2009

Then we almost got lost and Alison rambled even more than usual


Toddrod said...

I just wanted to say... thank you for all the visual clues as to where you are currently working! I'm sure any local could find it quite easily! hahahah


warrensheehan said...

nice try, but I still think yer boss is gonna be pissed you guys took so long.

Trapp said...

This is the kind of reality tv that I would watch. And talk about a show about nothing!

Nothing but a couple of awesome ladies hanging out!

Keep doing them. Life should always be this much fun.

Prototype said...

Or, you could always use MapQuest on your phones. Although I'm not sure how well it would work on the BlackBerry as compared to the iPhone.

Joe said...

I'm probably average when it comes to my sense of direction, or maybe slightly better - but I love going to places I've never been before and trying to find my way around. I used to do that a lot when I traveled around the country installing computer systems.

And unlike most guys, I'm not shy about asking for directions. But I do like trying to navigate myself first just to see how well I can do.

Sometimes you find the best things when you're lost and don't know exactly where you are. But I hate cities that have a lot of one way streets - like San Francisco. You might be 2 blocks away from your destination but you have to drive 10 miles out of your way before you can make a left hand turn. Drives me nuts.

When I worked at IDX, we had a customer who memorized maps. It was sort of a hobby for him. He could tell you where all the major interstate highways were and what cities they went through. The same with the main streets in and around major cities. He was from the Northwest - somewhere in Oregon I think.

Jonfun said...

Glad to see you all started running from Toddrod stalking you.

Wow...lost...I only get lost when I make the wrong turn. I know how to get to Chicago without a map...navigating Chicago after getting there is a TOTALLY different story. *sigh* yep I'm addicted. This is worse than crack. By crack I mean the Mt. Dew I continue to consume and gain 20lbs a week on.