Friday, January 30, 2009

OMG I'm still uploading these

Am I blowing my vlog wad? Is that crude? It is. Anyway, here's another!


Kevin said...

Another great vlog. I'm not convinced you two got any work done today.

Colorburned said...

Blowing your wad? Maybe a little. You could probably string us along a bit and maybe end the video with a cliff hanger.

Prototype said...

Haha, what the heck was that at 2:06-2:12? Too bad these vlogs don't come with subtitles, because it would've been funny to see what that came out as. Some of the other vlogs could've used some subtitles, too, especially moments where one of you would speak softly, or when there is background interference, like when you two were out on the streets earlier today. There were some moments where I couldn't make out some words.

Oh yeah, I forgot to mention this earlier (as it just occured to me again during this video clip), but Alison is one of a few who can actually pull off a good wink. I especially liked it when you winked 3-times consecutively from a previous vlog, where you alternated left-right-left. I say you should start averaging at least 2 winks per vlog from now on. That's if you want good ratings.

And I don't know if this is just me, but it seems as though in these recent vlogs, Anna has been speaking very softly, as opposed to the tone she normally carries out on TV (none of which is bad by the way). Soft as in the sweet, innocent kind. But I like it.

You two should definitely vlog the next time you're out at a party and capture some candid moments. That would be quite interesting to see. Because when there is alcohol involved, well, anything can happen. Although I'm not saying I'd like to see you two drunk or anything (because that's just not right and I'd feel bad for you both), but you know, with more people around, everyone letting loose...could be something there (like when I remember reading how Anna asked you to taste a weird drink and you did it anyway - THAT should've been captured).

Christian said...

First off thinking bad. Stop it.

Secondly, I work with people aaaaaaallllllllll day and would love to work at home, so I don't know the hell you are going through. Be strong!

Anonymous said...

I will not be surprised if you make a compilation of all of the recent vlogs and hand them into IFC.If I were a movie critic I would give you three out of four stars (Which is pretty good). Should you want three in a half stars, you need to add Josh Brolin cuz he seems to be everywhere these days............

Toddrod said...

Prototype is right. Anna is kind of quiet (maybe she's suddenly shy) in the recent vlogs and Alison is completely over the top with her winkings and shenanigans!


Toddrod said...

I also wanted to congratulate Alison for having over 80 followers to her blog now! Wow, it was only a week ago that she had about 40. I am guessing some of these followers have jumped over from twitter! Welcome all you noobies!


Jonfun said...

I agree...what work? Alisonmania running wild! Ok, I actually watched that.

Anna: Can I smell your make up?

I'm going to watch the others...I'm either going to be TOTALLY addicted or totally like I'm so making one in a parking garage just like that Lately girl who I'd love to hang out to dry because I don't know how she got a job on air and not half of the 500,000 million people out the billion people on the internet.

43% apparently are Chinese.

Were so going to get obliterated by them if we tick them off ever.