Friday, January 09, 2009

Six long minutes of shuffling

You know how some people just have that certain quality where they could do anything on camera and you'd watch them? Well this video does nothing to suggest I may be one of them, but fuck it, I will shuffle in bad lighting for six minutes because who's to stop me? The shuffle police? The bad lighting gestapo? The card guard? The bulb force? You know?

Also, at the beginning I rambled in a not very articulate way about today's Strategy Room appearance.

So anyway, again, this is for those who are requesting vlogs. Should your Alison needs not include vlogs I suggest you visit my youtube page.

And should this be your first visit to my blog first of all, I'm sorry. Second of all, there's a history with the card thing, but I'm too lazy to recap right now. Awesome!


DarkKnight3565 said...

That was the greatest display of card shuffling I have ever seen! Or at least the best I've seen today...well, definitely since lunch.

Kurtis said...

Whew well that makes up for your semi-silence in the Strat room.

jason said...

It's actually called a card flurish.You'r doing really well i can't tell if you are releasing the cards from your fingers or your thumb or for that in you aren't at all. At any rate. The way this flurish looks best is if you start with your hands close together and in a clapping motion draw them apart and then bring them close again.lastly and i call this lastly due to the ending my comment with it you're shuffling it's just riffling a shuffle implies they are being put in a new order.

Joe said...

You're getting better Alison. Keep practicing.

I used to be able to roll a quarter over my knuckles fairly well, but I haven't done it for a long time.

In the video he's only rolling it one way, which is fairly easy. You can probably learn that in a day or two. I used to roll it from my thumb to my little finger and then back again, and back and forth, back and forth. Try it!

Craig Kentucky said...

You are one georgeous chick!

:-D Shea said...

You know we all just like you because you will put yourself out there and take a chance at getting laughed at. I'm not into cards so the florish thing is no big deal to me. Try learning how to juggle (with better lighting), have you ever seen Michael Davis?

Colorburned said...

When you get this card shuffling thing all worked out you should learn some poker chip tricks

Michael said...

Congratulations on making it five minutes without using the word "fart". Also, next time we want to see the Russian Shuffle.

Ted from Accounting said...

High End Computer: $3,400
37 inch Monitor: $1,000
Laser Mouse: $50
Real Mouse Pad: $10.00

Spending the last 6 minutes and 3 seconds to realize that freelancing makes you weird....Priceless!


Oh I'm just are doing great...I just tried that and ended up picking up f%$##@# cards everywhere! Thanks Alison!

annalytical said...

THAT'S IT. we are doing a show together. and i don't even care what you have to say about it.