Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Jibberish about hats

OMG you guys! I JUST realized that I made another video about hats! I mean, I knew I made a video about hats last night but I didn't realize that there seems to be an ongoing hat theme of late. What does it mean? I don't know either but care to enjoy a bit of video magic wherein Anna David talks about a hat at the New York Times inauguration party which we both went to because we're fancy and important? The video is at the end of this post but first, more about the party.

Okay fine, Anna got invited and she invited me.

BUT I'M THE ONE WHO GOT RECOGNIZED. And what did I do when two guys asked me about Red Eye and told me I was their favorite thing on the show? I jumped up and down and yelled "I love you" and then asked if I could take a picture with them. I'm telling you people, I'm like an arrow that's been pulled back and... I think I'm quoting Jim Morrison. That's terrible.

This guy totally loves me

So does this guy. They had a third friend but I wasn't sure he knew who I was. I actually said "I'm sorry, there's only room in this photo for people who know who I am." Or maybe I said something like that but funnier? God I really hope so.

Anyway, please don't be afraid to recognize me. I promise I won't stalk you.

Oh but anyway, back to the hats and the party in general. When we got there we were in the lobby where people were congregating and there was a bar down there and people kept getting on the elevator to go to the bathroom or so I thought. I wondered why they were going to the bathroom in droves. I also wondered why the party just wasn't that fun. Where were the fabulous people? We talked to Dana Vachon, but surely there were more notables? That's a lot of pressure for Anna and I to shoulder. For Anna and me to shoulder? For us to shoulder. I mean yes, we're fabulous. Yes, we will help take your party from middling to above average. Yes, we love hats. But we alone can't be the only celebrities. The sheer amount of not being recognized gets bothersome.

So at some point, after both of us agreed we were ready to go, Anna decides to find out what the elevator leads to. It leads to... THE PARTY. Turns out we were not exactly at the party, just near it. I think that was my fault.

Anyway, then we went to the party and it was crowded and fun and the following conversation happened:

Claudio, a guy who told us he was half-Italian and half-Argentinian: Are you Italian? You look Italian.
Anna: I'm not but I've heard that before. I'm not Argentinian either!
Me: But do you want some in you?

Hm... interestingly that sounded funnier and less crude in my head than it looks here.

What else? Oh, I learned that I'm not subtle at all. It started a couple days before when I thought I saw Demetri Martin and I was trying to get a better look in a way that apparently wasn't subtle. Anna confirmed this last night, leaving me to say, "From now on I won't turn my head unless you tell me to. See how well trained I am?" Then I fetched a hat.

Which brings us to this video. It's grainy and you can't hear what we're saying. Enjoy!


Michael said...

"Anna and me".

I'd totally recognize you, but only if you promised to stalk me. That would be awesome.

Kevin said...

You looked adorable in that hat.

Toddrod said...

I just wanted to say that of the two guys that you took pictures with... the second guy (with the hat) would be the better lover and boyfriend. I don't know if Alison was curious about that, but just in case she was, that's how I am calling it.


Steve Spagnuolo said...

I wonder how the New York Times Party with the New York times reporters would be like if you brought Bill O'Reilly with you. I'm sure it will be some party. God Bless the diversity of this country !!!!!

Suzanne said...

So that's where my colonoscopy photo went.