Monday, January 19, 2009

Incoming: crapload of photos

With Natali Del Conte and Anna David. Note the way my left earring wants to go back to the other room.

Here are some shots from Red Eye.

I think this is where it's dawning on me that Greg is introducing me but forgetting to say my name.



And then I called him on it.

Because I'm fun like that.

Here's a photo you've probably seen before but I have it three times on my computer. It's as if the photo wanted to be posted again.

Here we are at Artie Fuqua's bday party after Red Eye.

From left to right: Joshua McCarroll, Artie Fuqua, Anna David and me. Please note the way I look surprised by this photo even though I'm pretty sure I'm the one who took it.

"Hey Anna, let's take MORE photos of ourselves." Oh oh oh! You know how I've talked on here before about how my nose and cheeks turn red for no reason? And by no reason I mean when I feel any sort of emotion whatsoever? You can kind of see it happening here. And I think the emotion I was feeling was "OMG, some guy just asked me if I was a magician because I tried to ask him about card shuffling because he was doing magic tricks near me and what have I become?"

Note: Anna is sick of me posting photos of her in her winter wear but I think they're so cute!

Showing off the hot new hat trend.

With my friend Mikelle on New Year's Eve in Orange County


DarkKnight3565 said...

Great pics! You look so pretty in all of them I can't pick a favorite.

Kevin said...

It's always great to see more photos of the beautiful Alison Rosen!

Joe said...

I predict curlers on hats will be the hottest fashion trend since Whoopie appeared as Guinan on Star Trek. I suggest you copyright the look before Calvin Kline beats you to it. He doesn't need any more money.

I think Anna looks cute all bundled up too. If I were there, I would have pinched her cheeks. The ones on her face I mean.

Toddrod said...

I just realized that Alison is one of THOSE girls. All of her friends are attractive, but she has to be the hottest one so that all the attention goes to her. She's an evil genius.


P.S. My verification word is "uphot." Which would be a good word for you, Alison. Alison is the uphot because she is the hottest of all her friends.

Remman said...

Natali Del Conte + Anna David + Alison M. Rosen = AWESOME HOTNESS!!!!.

Remman said...

Natali Del Conte + Anna David + Alison M. Rosen = AWESOME HOTNESS!!!!

Jonfun said... need another animated gif of self importance made. Nice pics.

Anonymous said...

Great pictures!!! Loved the video "half time report/Andy Levy" with you in the background! I saw that when it aired and laughed my butt off!

Rod Legojevich said...

This is my first time blogging here and I just have to say you got a ton of photos of yourself my dear. Take that photagrapher dude who took the picture of the Green-eyed girl for the National Geographic !!!!!!!

basicmagic said...

re: #1 "With Natali Del Conte and Anna David"
cuter than a medley of woodland creatures.

vincent, in buffalo

Brett Jones said...

I suspect your massive social life and all this inauguration hubbub is getting in the way of a my daily fix of AMR?

Ted from Accounting said...

Is that guy's name really Fuqua?

Toddrod said...

Brett must not be on Twitter! (Yes, I joined there because I felt so neglected!)


Brett Jones said...

Oh, I stalk AMR in all available venues, I just think of this place as home.

Toddrod said...

Brett! Me too!! I love Alison's blog more than anything else. I am not sure why it is, but it may be that this place has more substance than the other places. Twitter is a lot more active, but honestly, it's getting on my nerves.

Toddrod (who's just really negative today)