Monday, January 05, 2009

I stole this from The Activity Pit

Ted posted it there. At least, I think it was Ted. Anyway, at this point I'll be serving meringues made with Splenda. You guys in?


Joe said...

WAIT! I scheduled my whole day around the Strategy Room!!!!

Not really.

The "Blogging for Dummies" pic that Ted did was pretty funny too. It's been bumped to the second page now.

Ted from Accounting said...

Oh goody meringues with Splenda! (Shhhh, Joe what are meringues?)

Can you make it a 70s theme as well? I got a feeling some of your bloggers would feel more comfortable with that attire. I'll put on my afro wig...we will get that disco ball spinning and get that party started! Wouldn't that be funny if the DJ repeatedly ONLY played Band of Horses!?!?!!?!? The madness!

Toddrod said...

Wait... now it's gonna be a luncheon? Does Alison even wake up in time for lunch? She wakes up at 1pm.. doesn't she?