Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Don't be jealous

Don't be jealous but I bought a mouse pad that's ALSO a pad of paper so I can jot down notes while I type and then get ink all over my mouse!

I bought it at Anthropologie, where they also have giant ampersands and where I punched a woman in the head while trying on a coat.


Joe said...

Now you can write down the clever things we RosenFans post on your blog (if any).

Brett Jones said...

Not jealous. I have nothing but hate for mouse pads.

Toddrod said...

Do you have one of those roller ball mouses or one of those cool optical mouses?

I like the optical mouses. (it's mice isn't it?)


Ted from Accounting said...

Miss Rosen,

Blog Questions:

Are you ever going to VLOG again?

I enjoyed those 5 lies and a truth...or 5 truths and a lie thingy you used to do...can you bring those back?

What is the status of the Alison Rosen web site?

That's it for now!

Prototype said...

Yo Ted, I agree! - As a matter of fact, I asked her nicely the other week but she shunned me. That was cold. I was sad for days. All I did after that was played with my wabbit and fed him bananas, strawberries, and grass.

I could care less what it would be about. Although I'd prefer some Q&A but I'm afraid she would shun me and my hard-hitting questions again. Oh well. But damn, I gotta say my tolerance is pretty good for taking all these rejections and keep coming back for more! I mean, that's gotta count for something, right Alison? I don't know what it is that she has over me.

Scott said...

A Ro,

I appreciate a good mouse pad story as much as the next guy, but just so you know Anna David has already posted a topless photo of herself and now we're told she'll be blogging from a Porn Convention for the next few days.

She's obviously bringin' her A game so if you really want to win this Blog War thang you're gonna to have to step it up a notch :)

Maybe you could get industrious and $ell:
'Vote for Alison' tee-shirts?

I'd buy one :)-


Toddrod said...

Wow, looks like Christmas and New Years is over, and it's back to work for poor Alison.

Get to it, girl! No more excuses! Time to send a blog from your Blackberry at the gym (you still going?)


Joe said...

There's no doubt about it, Alison, we all love your vlogs! Since you and Anna David are good friends, my idea is for the two of you to do a vlog together. Now if THAT doesn't make the universe implode, nothing will.

I realize a slap and tickle fight is probably too much to hope for, but how about the two of you getting together to talk about Red Eye (like how you each got involved with the show) or even answer some of our questions?

Brett Jones said...

"What is the status of the Alison Rosen web site?"

I second that question.

DarkKnight3565 said...

You say you bought a mousepad made of paper and you preface that with "Don't be jealous"?

Ha! Not possible! I haven't been this jealous since my wife answered the phone during sex. Boy, I'll never call her again. That's what I had to tell the judge anyway.