Friday, December 26, 2008

Photos I found on my mom's computer

More photos of me? If you insist. I was on my mom's computer looking for porn (note: not looking for porn) when I found these photos that I must have put on there when they were emailed to me and I was using her computer and etcetera. Plus, since Anna David posted on the Activity Pit that she wasn't afraid to trot out some Alison Rosen material and then Joe asked for some baby pictures I thought I might beat them to the punch. Not that they actually have access to my baby photos, but you know. So, shall we?

Here I am taking a nap before the dawn of color photography. This actually is a daguerreotype.

And here I am wearing a bandanna on my head after a hard day of child labor. Also, my older brothers enjoyed dressing me up in ridiculous get ups and I'm thinking this was one of them.

Here I am hanging out with my older brother Josh. He's so totally imitating me here but that's Josh, always trying to do what I do.

Here I am many years later playing in The Angoras. Yes, I know my legs look fat here.

Here I am being tuff with the band, hanging out on a car. That's the kind of outlaw shit we did in OC. We didn't even play instruments, just hung out on fully-hotrodded titz rides. In fact, I'm surprised there aren't any flames on the side of this vehicle. There's very unusual.

Here we are on tour after I'd clearly made some kind of hugely embarrassing admission.

See how tuff we were? By the way, if you own this cassette it's totally worth the cost of a used cassette right now.

Here I am holding a baby. Come and get it quick men, I think I just ovulated. Oh and if you happen to click on this photo let me say right now that I don't know what's up with my eyebrow. I must have shaved it like that in prison. [update: maybe this isn't the photo but there's a photo of me like this where it looks like there's a Vanilla Ice-style notch missing from my eyebrow, hence the explanation. The unnecessary explanation.]

And here's my sister and me just hanging out. This was probably the last time I had a tan and wore a tank top. Actually, I'll have you know that's not just any tank top, it's Wonder Woman Underoos.


Derek_M said...

Good thinking. It's probably best to get all of "mom's pics" out there as soon as possible so as to prevent embarrassment. There are some of me as a little lad looking...ahem....not very impressive while in the tub which I would like to keep under wraps. XD

My grandmother always makes thinly veiled threats about how she is going to embarrass me royally when I bring a girlfriend over.....I've never brought a girl to her house which could be because of these threats or because I don't have any girls to bring over. :(

BTW, nice Gretsch and what looks like a Rivera combo amp of some kind. You are rockin' an E minor barre chord there if I'm not mistaken.

Keith May said...

That was definitely worth the price of admission. You are nothing if not adorable. Happy New Year. -Keith

Toddrod said...

Those are really cool pics of the younger Alison. I know the next comment will probably cause Alison to want to kick my ass, but here it goes anyway...

That sofa that you are on with the baby is really nice and comfy looking. Maybe you can get that sofa in your apartment.



Joe said...

OMG, those are GREAT Alison!

The first picture is so cute. Awwwww.. little Ali Ro all tuckered out from a long day of play. The bandanna picture is adorable too. It looks like you just cleaned out the attic. Or maybe it's Sunday morning and you're about to make some pancakes.

Who could have guessed back then that some day you'd be writing dirty intros for a late night talk show?

OK - AND doing many other impressive things too.

Brett Jones said...

Best photo post ever!

If I made a post like that it would be filled with a grubby little kid sporting a passable Lynrd Skynrd white man afro and a "Ass, Grass or Gas. No one rides for free" t-shirt.

The 1970's were rough on my generation.

Steve Spagnuolo said...

wow, i didn't know you had a brother. Tell me more which I don't know then I'll probably tell you my secret (and no the secret is not me faking to be a true defensive coordinator in the NFl cuz I'm the real thing right here....) ........

TommyMac71 said...

Thank God my mom is not computer savvy. Great pics, Alison...

happy holidays

Scott said...

Great pics Alison--thanks for sharing.

That one of you in the Bandanna is friggin' adorable!!!

I knew you grew up on the West-side but I didn't know you got caught up in that whole Crips and Bloods thang...I guess now we know how you rolled :)

Have a Happy and safe New Year.