Friday, December 05, 2008

National Kokomo Day

Synesthesia is where your senses blend and you can see music or smell colors or hear your broccoli. Well I propose there be something called Nauseasthesia to describe the condition where whatever song is cycling through your head when you're sick makes you feel like you're going to puke. Or am I the only one? Whenever I get sick the illness tends to feature one song prominently. I'm sure I've written before about the Great Flu of 93 Starring Rush's Big Money? It may have been 92 or 91 actually but there was an unfortunate rhyme. Anyway, earlier today "Kokomo," which has been in my head since we talked about it yesterday in Canada (it was national Kokomo Day) was threatening to make me vomit (Ok fine, it wasn't national Kokomo Day. We were talking about classic TV families on Switch and Full House came up and we talked about that episode with the Beach Boys. Actually one of my co-panelists mentioned the Beach Boys and that Full House episode in the green room and then when we were shooting she didn't mention it so I said something like "Weren't you saying how awesome it was that the show featured the Beach Boys?" or maybe I said preposterous instead of awesome or maybe I just turned to her wearing a lei and making a mai-tai as a way to jog her memory. Anyway, the point is that I'm kind and saintly, obviously) And the lights in this room certainly weren't doing my wonders for my Island loathing gag reflex. I had to get to a cool dark Kokomo-less place, preferably not on Key Largo or Montego.

So I repaired to my boudoir, which I've never called a boudoir before and I've certainly never "repaired" to, and took a nap. Before falling asleep I had a vivid dream-but-I-wasn't-yet-asleep where an interior decorator came to my living room (yes, I'm still thinking about this) and advised me to put a "chair with a sofa bed" in one corner and "a tablespoon" in the other.


Brett Jones said...

Once the intro to How soon is now by The Smiths gave me vertigo and the associated nauseousness.

Also, I'm officially worried that you're furniture issues have spread to flatware. This could be the downward spiral we all fear.

Joe said...

Alison, I'm going to go way out on a limb here and say I think your whole trip to Tronto never happened, and that it was all merely a fever and drug induced psychotic episode. You were actually at home in NYC all the time, laying on your couch while lapsing in and out of consciousness and hallucinating about your favorite singing group - The Beach Boys - and your 15 year love/hate relationship with Al Jardine.

I nailed it, didn't I.

I have a form of synesthesia in that I can taste sounds. Your voice, Alison, tastes like Rhubarb Gingersnap Parfait. Greg Gutfeld's voice tastes like Baby Back Ribs. Bill's voice tastes like Osso Buco with Risotto Milanese, and Andy's voice tastes like Eggplant Cardamom Compote topped with Orange Sauce.

Yeah, I know. That last one's a little weird.

Anonymous said...

Wht I got to say about the Beach Boys Reference:

talking about music, Why is today's music unOriginal ?: Answer-Because musicians Use the same words all over every time..

1.Yeah (one of the most often used words in music,

2. Baby (another most common used word in music)

3. c'mon (The word that seems to expect to boost morale ) ...

4. Na, Na (Hey jude)

5. Doo Doo Doo (Multiple X) (Should it be called "Hungry like a Wolf" or "How a wolf feels after eating poisoned meat as punishment so he can stay the F%$$# off OF MY SHEEP."

---Also, Can someone make a love song that doesn't involve the word "Love" ?

Lauren Ashley said...

What a colorful post, Ms. Rosen! I loved it! I'm sorry that that confounded song is causing you so many problems, perhaps someone should assassinate the Beach Boys???

I know what you mean about songs making you want to puke, though - it happened to me one time while listening to the Beatles... I was having a great time, then all of a sudden, High School Musical 2 came on and I thought I was going to be sick... so weird when that happens.

Toddrod said...

Hey! I wrote a love song once that didn't have the actual word 'love' in it. Here are the lyrics:

I see you going to work,
In your dark red shirt.
I see you having a late lunch,
In the cafeteria with your friends.

I see you coming home from work,
After a long, hard day.
I see you watching tv in the dark,
All alone again.

I see you answering the phone.
Is it what's his name?
I see you, seeing me again.
Why do you have to scream?

I see you calling 911.
I think I better go.
Hey, why are you pointing that gun.
I'm falling to the floor.

(the last line was originally going to be "I'm falling in love!" but I changed it)


Brett Jones said...

"Also, Can someone make a love song that doesn't involve the word "Love" ?"

It's been done Anonymous. Closer by Nine Inch Nails is the piece I'm thinking of. A very tender love song that manages to express love without the use of the word.