Friday, December 05, 2008

I'm packing again

I'm packing again to go back to New York in the morning. I finally felt well enough tonight to leave the hotel after shooting. You're welcome, Toronto. About the show: It's called Switch and it'll be airing on TVTropolis in Canada. Hopefully it'll also air in the US at some point after that. If not, I expect you all to take a trip to Canada to see the episodes I'm on.


Toddrod said...

So, the show is named "switch?" eh?!?! There are a lot of really bad comments I can say about tv shows with the name "switch." However, I'll hold my tongue until I know the coast is clear.


Joe said...

Have a safe trip back Alison! Who are you air-kissing? Whomever, be sure to use protection.

I get a couple of Canadian stations out of Montreal. I'll see if I get the show here. And if I knew how to use the TV Tuner card in my PC, I could record the show and illegally post it online.

Hey - do you realize today is International Onomatopoeia Day?? Let the celebrations begin!!




Ca Ching!!

*POP* Fizzzzzz









Note: Today is NOT National Onomatopoeia Day. But I had all this Onomatopoeia stored up in me and I couldn't wait until next July 9 to let it out.

Toddrod said...

You know..... Joe is freakin hilarious sometimes! Mr. Onomatopoeia (a word that I can never seem to spell, no matter how hard I try).

You know, when I read the title of this blog (I'm packing again), it made me think of that movie The Warriors, and the girl gang that they came across.


Joe said...

Thanks Toddrod. I'm glad there are people like you in this world who appreciate sophisticated humor.

Toddrod said...

I'm just curious what others might think. I noticed that there is an area on the right that shows the people that follow Alison's blog. Is it wrong that I follow Alison's blog, but not put my name in this group? I just think it's cool to follow Alison's blog covertly.


Brett Jones said...

I didn't even notice the whole follow thing until Anna David mentioned it.

I've not committed to following anyone yet. It's a big decision, one I don't want to jump into. Also it seems somehow tawdry to follow more than one blog at a time. Fidelity between blogger and reader is very important.

Brett Jones said...

Well, look at that. Some how I'm listed as a follower of AMR. Perhaps it was the product of a drunken night in Vegas. Regardless, it's done, I'm irrevocably attached to this blog.