Saturday, December 06, 2008

I'm on Red Eye on Monday

What?! Monday night?!

I'm on Red Eye on Monday and I'm on the couch today. The gray couch. Or the brown couch. Apparently everyone else thinks it's brown but it looks gray to me. I don't know why this is but it frustrates me. I like to see things clearly. For example, I'd rather see a couch I like when I look at it.

But that wasn't my point, not at all. My point was that I'll be on Red Eye on Monday night/Tues morning and even though it's written on the right side of this page where I have my upcoming appearances I wanted to make a special post about it because the date has jumped around a bit since I was traveling and pinning me down was hard to do. "Don't pin me down!" I yelled as they began attacking me with bobby pins.

In other news, I've become quite a fan of the show M.A.S.H. and I've developed a crush on early Alan Alda.

When I was six I had a crush on Oliver-era Jack Wild.

I'm given to anachronistic crushes, the kind where when you see what the person looks like now you shudder.

But I'd never liked M.A.S.H. because I associated it with things which are hot and dusty and depressing but then I was watching some episodes to prepare for Switch (the topic was TV doctors) and lo and behold, I actually really like the show. Maybe I only like the early episodes though before it got all heavy handed and depressing and dusty and hot. You know?


Brett Jones said...

My wife in part chose her profession by watching MASH. It was medicine by the way, not being a cross dressing clerk.

She chose well though. Making career choices based on 1970's T.V. shows was fraught with danger. She could have ended up being a cruse ship entertainment directory or a NYC detective with a big afro, bell bottom pants and platform shoes.

On a side note: My wife and I once spent a long weekend in British Columbia scuba diving with Julie from The Love Boat. She was with some hunky Italian guy 10+ years her junior. I don't remember his name, but it definitely wasn't Xander.

Derek_M said...

I've never watched Mash. It always seemed uninteresting and got in the way of Macguyver reruns when I was a kid, which was unforgivable. The theme song is great though.

As for Alan Alda, that is one hoary man!

Joe said...

First of all, I believe that photo of you on Red Eye was taken last March right after you had the face lift procedure and suddenly your eyebrows were 2 inches higher on your forehead. I remember that show well. The next day I suggested you start wearing bangs.

(Note: I quickly state for the official record that Alison has never had nor will ever need a face lift)

** PAUSE **

I spent the last 27 seconds doing an extensive analysis of the men you are attracted to: Alan Alda, Jack Wild, Danny Tanner, Al Jardine, the guy who spilled coffee on you outside of Starbucks (yes, I could sense the sexual tension in your description of that incident), Ed Koch, Joy Behar, Xander and Harvey Keitel (who admitted he enjoyed you).

Alas, I can identify no pattern there. So all I can conclude from my research is that Alan Alda (real name Alphonso Joseph D'Abruzzoneeds) likes wearing Harry Potter eyeglasses.

Scott said...

"...I suggested you start wearing bangs."

Get out of my head Joe!

Bangs would really put A Ro over the top and make her look even MORE bangin' than usual! :)

Seriously Alison, if you ever want to try something new (follicularly speaking) sport some bangs and it would draw even more attention to those pretty Doe Brown eyes and really drive the boys crazy!! Trust me on this one ;

Prototype said...

My finals week is this week, but I'm gonna take time out of my studying just for you better not disappoint!

Ted from Accounting said...

Dude, that Red Eye screen cap is like the cutest look ever!