Monday, December 22, 2008

More about the couch?

So how am I doing you might be wondering? Well this morning I woke up to a super uncomfortable burning sensation going from my belly button to my knees so I writhed around a bit and then threw up a few times. It was refreshing, really, and by that I mean it was so horrible that I actually started crying at one point because I'm very brave. Then I whimpered and felt sorry for myself while thinking that actually I'm lucky that I don't have to be working right now and then I slept for awhile. Now I feel better so I can turn my attention to more important things.

1. Not only did the pilot on the flight have braces but the flight attendant who was making the announcements had a speech impediment so it sounded like "inflatable vethts are located under your theat."

2. Tobey may be eating his Tobeys again.

3. We're closing in on couch decision time if I want to get the couch I already have made in a stock plus fabric. (my options are either returning it outright, exchanging it for another identical one since it's ripped in a couple spots, or getting the couch in a fabric I might like better.) I'm leaning towards the latter, even though it's more expensive, because I think the couch is comfortable I'm just not loving the material. So help me decide which of these I should go with. Oh and if you have something assholish to say, please just don't. I have a headache. (That's not directed at any of you whom I love to bits. Just saying in general.)

Couch as it is now (but without those throw pillows)

Clockwise from top left: camel, chamois, sand, latte (in real life latte is lighter than it's appearing here)

Another view: from left, chamois, latte, camel, sand


Brett Jones said...


feel better.

Brett Jones said...

I was once on a very small commuter plane where there is nothing but a curtain between the passenger area and the pilots. I was in the first seat and could watch the pilot/co-pilot do pre-flight checks and setting the navigation instruments.

The amusing part of this tale is how the very young co-pilot would run down his pre-flight checklist and then flip a whole mess of switches on the dashboard only to be followed by the gray haired 50ish pilot correcting about 60% of the co-pilots work.

I said a little prayer right then asking for the pilots heart to not stop mid flight.

Scott said...

Hey Alison,

What happened to the other swatches you had? I seem to remember that Olive one being a big hit.

Anyway, if those were from different stores and these are the colors that are specifically available for the couch you have and know to be comfortable--I'd go with the 'Sand' color.

I think that would be a nice contrast to your dark hardwood floors. A light color will also make your living room area look larger. The Sand color would look really good with some Maple and glass tables w/ Black accents around the room (pillows, wrought iron candle sconces, picture frames etc) with maybe a nice area rug to tie all the colors together.

Here's a pic to give you an idea of some colors that might work with the Sand color. Just switch and imagine the floor color in the pic as the table wood color (light maple) combined with your dark hardwood floors and you'll get the idea: CLICK HERE

Maybe it's dumb but one of the reasons I like this light Sand color for you is because you looked so darn cute in that one pic where you're outside somewhere wearing that knitted off-white hat staring off to the side.

Hope you feel better,


Prototype said...


Steve Spagnuolo said...

Coach Spagnuolo says......

This is my second post and I'm new to this blog. Yet I have a gut feeling the couch you're referring to has been mentioned numerous times in the blog previously.....

Toddrod said...

Oh and if you have something assholish to say, please just don't. I have a headache. (That's not directed at any of you whom I love to bits. Just saying in general.)

I think this is directed at me. At least the "whom I love to bits" part!!

Papa Rosen! Help me! HELP ME!!!


P.S. My opinion is to leave the couch alone, and toss a lot of really cool pillows on it, and a nice blanket.

Ted from Accounting said...

Chamois! If I was a betting man...I'd pick Chamois!

Joe said...

Yes, feel better Miss R.

***** big cyber-hug sent to you *****

Regarding item number:

1. We have small commuter planes where I am and I agree with Brett - it's sometimes scary to fly on them. Any passenger jet where you have to bend way over at the waist to walk down the aisle is too damn small.

2. You have to admire Tobey. He's got his diet plan and he's sticking with it. It's helped him maintain his svelte figure.

3. I'm quite upset that after today there won't be another new (to me) episode of Lost unti next Monday. Grrrrrr. Red Eye too actually.

And has everyone seen this on the AP? Pretty darn cool.

Couzen said...

Definitely the Camel. I like the Latte too, but I don't think it would be a good match with the dark hardwood floors.

Happy holidays and I hope you feel better!

Trevor said...