Sunday, December 21, 2008

Meringue experiment part two

This time I used electric beaters and splenda granular and parchment paper, all courtesy of my parents' kitchen. I'm so headed for the misshapen low cal vanilla flavored confectionary hall of fame!
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Toddrod said...

Low Fat? Goodies should have fat. Lots of fat. Low Fat goodies are kinda like communists that adopt capitalism.


Joe said...

When I first saw that photo I thought you were doing pottery.

"Oh look, Alison is into ceramics!"

But now I recognize you as the domestic goddess you are.

And to think I use my oven as an extra sock drawer. I'm missing out on so much.

Toddrod said...

Alison! Please read this article about how to walk in high heel shoes. It is from the San Francisco Chronicle:

What made me want your opinion on this article is actually the comments that were left at the bottom of that article. It seems that a lot of the comments were very negative about wearing high heels. I was just curious if you thought the view of these commentors were normal or just a little unjustified.

Steve Spagnuolo said...

I just saw 20 Valkyrie and 30 Frost/Nixon commercials on televison in one day today ......

Brett Jones said...

All right people. I've had a pain in the ass day (and it's not over yet).

Make me smile. Please.

Toddrod: I'm not a high heel king of guy, but I do fancy a nice pair of zip up knee high boots though.

Zuzz said...

All you need is a purple dress and top hat then your Wilhelmina Wonka alias will be complete.