Thursday, December 25, 2008

How I take cough syrup

[A word about what I'm wearing: Sometimes I like to put on everything I get for Xmas as I get it, hence the necklace with tags. Also, I like to tie bows around my head as I'm opening. Also, I'm not wearing any makeup in these photos, and how!]


1) First I pour it in a spoon.

2) Next, I swallow it.

3) Then I freak out.


Patrick said...

Don't take this the wrong way Boss,but you hella sick.I'm sorry,I hope the nasty cough syrup helps you.

Toddrod said...

I had an appletini once (after Michelle Collins filled in for Greg Gutfeld on Red Eye a few months ago). That crap made cough syrup taste like kool aid.


Joe said...

Wow - I feel like I just had Christmas at the Rosens! It's better than Christmas at the Vatican - and you don't have to genuflect.

Thanks for posting all those pics, Alison!

My little sister used to put bows on her head while opening presents. After a while we all started putting our bows on her head too. If nothing else, there were fewer things to pick up off the floor later on.

I haven't taken cough syrup in years. For some reason I've always felt it's OK to guestimate cough syrup dosage. I guzzle it right out of the bottle (I realize you can't do that when you live with other people.) I can tell I've had enough when the room begins spinning and I start walking kinda sideways. Good times.

Beautiful tree!!

Ted from Accounting said...

Alison that bottom photo is by far your best pic ever!

Merry Christmas to the Rosens and all the bloggers! :)