Thursday, December 25, 2008

From back when I was accidentally goth

So back in the day people used to always think I was goth and I never understood why. "Just because I have black hair doesn't mean I'm goth!" I'd exclaim, frustrated by the crappy follicular hand I'd been dealt. Hadn't these people ever seen someone with fair skin and black hair? I didn't even listen to goth music! "Don't put me in your little box!" I'd yell before repairing to the bathroom to cut myself and write in my journal.

Well I just found this photo:

I think I understand now.

But since I'm taking a Christmasy dip in Lake Me, here's another gothy shot from the same time. Mind you I'm not even posting photos from when I played in a band because they would blow my whole argument to hell I think.


Prototype said...

These photos totally screams gothic! And I wouldn't really call your skin tone fair. Wow, so you really did play in a band. All this time I thought you were just posing. Oh, and I don't think that playing in a band really helped your case either.

Kurtis said...

I totally do not see the goth in the pictures. Now if your also wearing pointy toe shoes and black skirt with red and white stripes you would be found goth in almost every circle.

Brett Jones said...

Wow Alison.. I'm totally blaming my heart murmur on the second photo and not the Christmas feast we just enjoyed tonight.

Have fun out west, and feel better.

Toddrod said...

I've come to learn that 99% of people have no idea what goth girls look like. Goth girls aren't attractive, and if you ever saw one in real life, you'd have nightmares.

Alison does look like one of those non-goth girls that are trying to look goth in these pics. She's just too pretty, unfortunately.


Ted from Accounting said...

Goth is hot!

Joe said...

Can you do me a favor? Can you put on your goth makeup and snap a photo while sitting behind the drums and drinking some cough medicine?

Don't bother asking. I see no reason why I should have to justify my special needs.

On second thought, instead of the cough syrup make it a bottle of Hershey's Dulce de Leche Syrup.

Pedro said...

@Tod "She's just too pretty unfortunately"??? Au contraire my friend. Alison can never be too pretty and we are the fortunate ones.

Personally I love this look, Goth or not. I would love to see pics or video of her rock band days. :)

Paula said...

Don't forget the Goth-Stick! Remember the red-black lipstick we all wanted to wear when we were in Yami's bathroom at her party? Goth Stick! xoxo Paula