Sunday, November 02, 2008


I hated everything at Laz-y-boy! Hooray!
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Toddrod said...

OMG Crate & Barrel? Can you say, "waaaaay over priced?" Yeah I'm a cheap ass. Crate & Barrel was always a place to go to get ideas so you could find something similar at a more affordable furniture store. Yes Alison, I'm being much too critical. You have to buy what you love. It's just that, what would your parents say if they knew you were buying at Crate & Barrel?


Joe said...

You bought a couch? Nice! Did you go with the Huntley Woods?

Picking out a rug should be cake compared to a couch. Right?


peter wolfe said...

"Butt Slut", after 14 hours at work that laugh was needed and I will remember that term! Remember though, a recliner is not just a piece of furniture! It is the place of memories. I had a blue Lazy Boy that meant a lot to me. When I got married though, it just didn't go with the "earth tones". But wait...this was MY chair! I games, sleep, sex, chili! I mean how could I get rid of IT! I sold out though and put it out at the garage sale! I proudly put a meager price of 40.00 on it. I mean, who wouldn't want it? By the end of the day the price had been dropped to 5:00 and it still hadn't sold. I ended up taking it to goodwill. I was crushed! So, at the end of the day while you are still searching, remember it is not the price, not matter how cheap but what your ass feels most comfortable in! You have memories to make,stories to write...and stuff like that!