Friday, November 07, 2008

See me, hear me

So I'm doing Red Eye tonight and then I'm jetting—in a car—downtown to be interviewed on the Joey Reynolds show on WOR 710. The interview will air live at midnight in NYC and 8AM in the 220 other markets that carry it or where it airs or something. Anyone know what that means? I don't speak radio. I do have a radio-ish voice though, so the irony cuts deep as you can imagine.

Anyway, for some of you that means you can hear me before seeing me on Red Eye. Like the opposite of thunder/lightening!

But not like that at all.

For others there will be a five hour wait time during which I hope you'll reflect on important things involving me.

Thank you.


Lauren Ashley said...

You should give away a LOT of spoilers for red eye on the radio show... and then when it airs people can go... NOOOOOO!

Brett Jones said...

Mention my name on the radio tonight, and there's a jar of strange pickled food stuff in it for ya.

Joe said...

In a few minutes, I will be time traveling forward to 7am tomorrow to listen to the radio interview and then time travel back 5 hours to catch Red Eye.

It will take about 5 hundred trillion kilowatts of power to do this, and it creates a huge carbon footprint - but I will redouble my recycling efforts to make up for it.

Have fun Alison!!!

Davee Jones said...

this week was terrible for me
but your on red eye so its all ok
hooray for Alison

Qian GunLong said...

"Oh, you pathetic soul who dabbles in wordplay, clearly not of our superior cartoon kind!" Hilarious!

Brett Jones said...

It seems the first hour or two of the Joey Reynolds Show is not available online. Is there anything you can do about that Alison.

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