Saturday, November 08, 2008

Photo from last night

With Patti Ann Browne, after the show. Apparently we're a couple of blurry ladies. Blurry chicks? Blurry broads? Blurry TV personalities? Blurry broheims who are girls? No, not that last one.

I wish I'd taken photos at the next place I went last night–WOR studios—because that was priceless. I was the youngest person there by about sixty years and everyone there was crazy in this very entertaining old timey showbiz kind of way, made more surreal by the fact that it was two in the morning.

Well maybe not sixty. Forty. Thirty five? Well, you get what I'm saying.


Scott said...


Another nice appearance on Red Eye last night. You started off a little slow and seemingly sad but then you perked up in the middle and had a strong finish. It had a good beat and I could dance to it, all in all I'd give it an 82.

Nice pic with PAB btw--It is blurry but I can clearly see that she has Red Eyes...was that something special she did in honor of the show or is she really possessed by the Devil?

Also, I'm about as good with spatial relations as you are but seeing you stand next to PAB it begs the question~Is she average height and you're tall or she short and you're average(?)...personally I like to think you're above average.

Peace-out Girl Scout,


Scott said...
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Anh Vo said...

They need to have you in the hot seat already. I mean you are there so why not? You need more TV time. So pleasant to watch/look at.

Lauren Ashley said...

Red Eye was great, always great to see you there! And even more great to see you in chat! :) And NICE pic, PAB is amazing, both of you are gorgeous and awesome on the show! :)

Joe said...

Great job by you and the PABster last night, Miss R! And now I know what I'm giving my neices and nephews for Xmas - sticks. Nice sticks though.

When my little sister Mary was 5 or 6, my parents gave her a Christmas present that came in a big box. I think it was a doll house or something. Anyway, Mary ended up playing with the box more than what was in it. My parents said the next year they were just going to give her some empty boxes to play with.

Ennui said...


Are you really six feet tall? No matter, I have important information for you - received via my spirit guide.

You bought the wrong couch. An evil couch. If you only knew what this couch had done!

Return it. Immediately. And next time, take your time looking. Don't be so hasty.

... When you and Patti got - how'd you put it? - "blurry" did anything significant happen? My spirit guide says something signficant happened.

Watch out for the couch.

Anonymous said...

Response to the photo from last night that doesn't involve beer funnels and 40 year old male strippers in your typical lady's typical bachelorrete party:

"Cell phone picture, I guess......"

Derek_M said...

Blurry broads FTW.

I used to refer to girls as broads all the time but I was told that they don't like it. What is up with those broads who don't like it?

Meh....that is what I get for growing up watching Walter Matthau movies.

Scott said...

"I used to refer to girls as broads all the time but I was told that they don't like it. What is up with those broads who don't like it."

I remember learning in an Anatomy class that the term 'Broad' has it's origins from observations of human skeletons--It's used to describe the wider (more Broad) pelvic opening that all females have to assist in childbirth.

So it isn't really an insult at all, just a an identifying chicks really shouldn't get their panties in a bunch when you use it. :)