Sunday, November 09, 2008

A moment of silence for Fred

Blog readers, I have some bad news. Fred the Jade Plant has left us for the great garden in the sky. In fact, he shuffled off his mortal coil a few weeks ago but I haven't thrown him out yet because I've been thinking I need to take a picture so I can make a touching tribute video highlighting the impact he's made on our lives. But I don't think I'm going to get around to doing that. So basically a very dead Fred has been sitting on my kitchen table for three weeks getting deader and more shriveled with each passing day and instead of giving him a proper burial I just look at him and think "Huh, I should do something about that." What kind of monster am I?!

But I choose to remember Fred as he looked in his youth.

Fred as a young houseplant


Brent said...

R.I.P. old friend. I remember one time when he had his podetium out performing adophysis (Fred's favorite hobby) with Maria the Fern, at least that's what I thought they were doing. I should've known it was odd because Fred ALWAYS left a tie on the doorknob in the case of adophysis. So I turned and left the room rather promptly (although I did catch a departing glance as I exited). I was so embarrassed but Fred was very understanding about my faux pas - and explained that he and Maria were merely in the midst of photosynthesis. They were TOTALLY innocent - we laughed about it at least once a day since then...that is until I got the news this afternoon. I suppose we'll never laugh like that again.

I sure will miss him.

I'll pour some out for my homie that didn't make it.

Toddrod said...

OMG! How? Why? Fred was so young! I don't even know if he got to pollinate yet! It's not fair!


Anonymous said...

A very green Condolence :

"Rest in SoIL

Fred The Jade Plant

SOme month in 2008- sOMETIME IN oCTOBER.

\ /
0 0
---|----(pICTURE OF FRED)
/ \(i DID MY BEST)

Derek_M said...

The poor bastard may have died of embarrassment.....depending on what was in that stack of CDs.

Joe said...

I saw the notice in the paper this morinng, Alison. So sad. I heard Fred got hooked on Miracle-Glo a few months ago and possibly overdosed. Poor little guy. He was so young and so full of sap.

Let's remember the good times. When I first met Fred, he was just a seedling. Still wet behind the leaf. Yet even then he was reaching for the sky.

But remember - he's not really dead if we find a way to remember him (credit: Wrath of Kahn).

Brett Jones said...

Such indifference to something so close to you!

What shall become of the lowly internet friend/blog fan when you've had your fill of us. Will you no longer water us with witty and amusing stories of your daily life. On sunny days will we be left in the shadowy corner, reaching out, trying to reach the light.

Perhaps the dark sky has turned my mood sullen, but see I a lonely empty end to my kind.

On a happier note, the radiant floor heating system in my workshop is complete. I'll not have to suffer in a cold shop, on a 15 degree floor while working on this winters project.

Toddrod said...

Alison M. Rosen - Thumbs of Death!