Monday, November 10, 2008

I don't normally complain about physical pain

I don't normally complain about physical pain, being that I prefer to complain about deep psychic wounds and stuff, but yesterday I dropped my wallet on my foot and was convinced I broke my toe. This is not a sign that I am so full of money that my wallet is a weapon. It's a sign that I need to clean out all the assorted crap that I've been keeping in my wallet for so long because when I get a piece of paper, I like to file it in my wallet.

And then last night I was reading in bed and somehow I did something because my neck hurts so bad today I can only move slowly and melodramatically. I should probably start sighing.

Maybe I need to drop my wallet on my other foot to knock everything back into alignment?


Anh Vo said...

Awww...Sure go for it.

Joe said...

So you were doing something in bed last night and now your neck hurts? Oh yeah, you were reading... riiight (wink).

I never know whether to apply heat or ice when I have a pain somewhere. I know you should apply ice when there's swelling. And I know you should starve a cold and feed a fever. And chicken soup is good for the soul. And Jimmy crack corn and I don't care. That's about the extent of my medical knowledge. I should probably watch more Grey's Anatomy. Or is it Gray's Anatomy?

Doesn't matter - I'd rather watch Lost. Which, by the way, is having a 3 hour season premiere on January 21. So please make a note to not call me that night.

Scott said...

These new physical aliments are most likely Psychosomatic...They're being spurred on from the trauma inflicted by the tragic loss of Fred that you haven't fully dealt with yet.

Brett Jones said...

Joe, Joe, Joe...

Everyone knows Crack kills. That "Jimmy Cracks Corn" line comes from the Govt. propagandists who invented Crack and infected the intercity with the stuff.

"I don't care"? Really? I care Joe. I care.