Friday, November 14, 2008

More about Chile

Ok so my friend the NYC Donut Reporter who also goes by Duane Reade and also by Mike Boyle posted a much funnier and more descriptive assessment of yesterday's Chili thing than mine and I dare say he paid better attention than I did because I learned quite a bit of stuff from reading his blog. Stuff that presumably I heard yesterday as well. And I know what happened. See, a few minutes in I decided I should update my twitter. Then I tried to think of something clever. Then I decided that I would pretend I didn't realize that this was a lunch for the country of Chili and instead thought it was about chili, you know, the meaty or not crock pot thing with beans. So then I tried to figure out how to best convey that. Then we left.


Joe said...

Just please don't talk about merkins anymore, OK? It really creeps me out.

On a more pleasant note, here's a short clip of the loving couple:

I can see them now at a romantic dinner whispering sweet nothings to each other. Or maybe not.

Brett Jones said...

I learn so much from this blog (RE Merkin's). The casual Friday possibilities are endless. Well, as endless as genital adornments and pasties will allow (which is a lot).

Duane Reade said...

It's funny, you thought the Chile event was going to be about chili, the soup. And I thought we were going to a luncheon for ex-Florida governor Lawton Chiles.

Anonymous said...

What I say about your Chile tale:

"So what's your next story, you being invited to a special Thanksgiving dinner that will be called a "Turkey Party" but does not involve the poultry meal and instead concerns having every invitee donning a Fez ?........"