Friday, November 14, 2008

It's come to this

Fabric swatches on my couch.

More fabric swatches.


There aren't different swatches in each photo. Just a different configuration.

In other news, today I went to a press luncheon presentation for Chile. This is one of the perks of not working in an office—getting to go to things like this. See, I used to get invited to stuff like this all the time but had to say no because if I vacated my desk for three hours I might never come back. Back in those days I was young and naive. I didn't know what I know today, which is that even though you might think Chilean food is spicy, it's not. That's one of the big misconceptions about this diverse and friendly country with many organic ingredients. "Flavored well, not spicy," said a bald man wearing a pink tie. Also, there is something called Merken and NO ONE made any merkin jokes. That's how civilized this crowd was.

Um, what else? Please forgive me, I'm distracted by Jeff Conaway and that piece of work Vicki Whatshername. Oh wait, I'm wrong! He's not bitching at Vicki! He was telling the new tech Luisha that he doesn't like her. I should never multitask like this.

So I jotted down a few choice sentences I heard today. These are they:

"I just want to give a shout out to the avocado oil."

"Basil? Sauvignon? Love it!"

"Sole Valhalla"

"It's not a wine that shouts at you with exclamation points."

My friend Mike took some photos which he told me he's heard are referred to, in the porn business, as food porn. Or maybe it was in the food writing world.

I'm joking as I'm actually familiar with this atrocious term and long ago decided that until a naked person appears in the photos I don't think we should be calling it porn. Have people no respect for porn?

Um. Oh, Mike's photos:

Oh, also, also! I think I'll get to drive a MINI E which is the new electric MINI. I'm totally going to try to plug my hairdryer into it.


Toddrod said...

OMG, has it really come to this?!?! Swatches?!?! And these aren't the cute swatches that girls used to put on their wrist back in the late 80s. Is there no love for the poor grandma couch. What amazes me even more is that the swatches that you've chosen really don't seem that much different than what you currently have. Although there are different colors, the couch will still have that sense of grand maternalism. It is definitely a forlorn day in Brooklyn. (Alison, I noticed you have a bright white fabric swatch with your other swatches. Uh, NO NO NO!)


Joe said...

Food porn? Alison, your blog is quickly turning into Penthouse magazine. Not that I mind, but then I fully expect you to model some skimpy outfits on your new couch. I'm available if you need a photog.

Vicki is nothing but trouble, I don't care what Amber Smith says.

And while we're discussing TV shows, Mythbusters finally jumped the shark this week. But Lost is getting even better.

Brett Jones said...

Third picture second from the left.

Gotta run. Need to drop my new truck off for it's first service.

It's kind of like taking my kid to his first day of school.

Joe the Couch Expert said...

I posted my swatch choice on your Activity Pit page. This decision is based on my years of experience as a Juilliard-trained interior design expert. And the fact that I've slept on hundreds, if not dozens, of couches in my life.

However - the more I look at the couch you have, the more I like it.

Duane Reade said...

You forgot:

"This wine is like cabernet in silk pajamas."

"To get to Chile, just hop on a plane at 10, pop an Ambien, and you're there!"

Also my notes say "croissant Valhalla" with a very French pronunciation of "croissant" -- but oddly, he did not say "Valhalla" with the proper Old Norse pronunciation.

Scott said...

Of the three couch/swatch pictures you posted--in the last pic with the swatches lined up horizontally I like the second one from the left the best. That's a great earth tone color and there's a ton of stuff readily available to decorate with/around that rich base color.

I agree with Toddrod, forget the bright white--you've got too much white in your living room area right now--add a white couch to it and it will look like a room in a hospital.